Cloud Document Scanning & Processing

KnowledgeLake's cloud capture solution enables automated, consistent and repeatable document processing

Document Processing Made Easy

The ability to efficiently scan and tag documents then move them to a secure repository is the first step in driving operational excellence in an organization. KnowledgeLake’s cloud document processing solution ensures accuracy, predictability, speed, and automatic content routing that drives efficiency and enables consistent outcomes.
  • The Average business uses 22% more paper each year. Your paper costs and consumption will double in 3.3 years.
  • Employees spend 30-40% of their time searching for information buried in e-mails and filing cabinets.
  • Expect to pay $350-$700 to replace a lost document and $125 to find a misfiled one.

The benefits of KnowledgeLake processing your paper and other content:

  • Easy to find, easy to serve

    Improve employee and customer satisfaction by enabling users to quickly search for, retrieve and share needed information

  • Manage paper and digital content

    Reduce or eliminate time-consuming duplicate data entry and routing of information by transforming paper into intelligently stored information

  • A single, simple point of entry

    Establish one place to scan or upload content, with confidence that based on document type, it will go exactly where it belongs

  • Accurate information made easy

    Drive processing efficiency and accuracy by integrating your preferred repository with your line-of-business systems to enable assisted keyword tagging

  • Collaborate remotely

    Allow teams across countries, campuses or departments to contribute processed documents to a central place

  • Make users' lives easier

    Generate high user adoption through automation and a simple user experience that eliminates hassle and wasted effort

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Processing content in the cloud

Learn how KnowledgeLake eliminates content chaos by making it easy to transform your content and business processes.

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Ariens Company processes 5,000 documents each day with KnowledgeLake.

"We have greatly streamlined our document management process, saving time and money for our Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable departments."

Scott Musich Application Specialist II

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Get the in-and-outs on how we collect, process and route mixed content and documents to virtually any repository or business system

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