Document Processing

KnowledgeLake solutions enable automated, consistent and repeatable document processes

KnowledgeLake Solutions Document Processing

Document Processing Made Easy

The ability to efficiently scan and tag documents then move them to a secure repository is the first step in driving operational excellence in an organization. KnowledgeLake’s document processing solutions ensure data is accurately captured, thus ensuring informational precision. Integrated workflows encourage visibility, consistency and repeatable outcomes which lead to increased security.

KnowledgeLake’s document processing solutions enable you to:



Collaborate Remotely

Allow teams across countries, campuses or departments to contribute processed documents to a central place

Tackle Any and All Content

Handle massive volumes of content -- whether paper or digital, structured or unstructured -- from any source or in any format

Process Intelligently

Address processing and routing challenges based on an organization's unique business rules, document types, departmental needs, office locations, etc.

Increase Efficiency

Drive processing efficiency and accuracy by integrating your preferred repository with your line-of-business systems

Satisfy Customers

Improve external and internal customer satisfaction by equipping employees with the ability to quickly search, find and share documents

Increase User Adoption

Generate high user adoption through automation and a simple user experience

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