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    Accelerate Efficiency and Accuracy with Intuitive AI

    Eliminate tedious manual processes, reduce human error, and make informed decisions faster with self-learning, highly accurate Intuitive AI.

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    The Power Behind Our Platform

    KnowledgeLake’s self-learning, secure, and highly accurate Intuitive AI powers our entire platform. Intuitive AI delivers insights from data extracted from content and powers automation workflows to ensure ideal business outcomes.  


    The Smartest IDP

    Intuitive AI combines the power of artificial intelligence and human-like intuition to revolutionize the way documents are handled, analyzed, and managed. Learn more about KnowledgeLake’s IDP here.

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    KnowledgeLake’s Intuitive AI delivers unmatched security, accuracy, and speed.

    Advanced Data Protection Our unique Azure integration ensures that your data, prompts, and responses do NOT become part of ANY public AI model and are never made available to ANY third party.
    Zero-Shot Understanding

    Intuitive AI understands what you want to achieve with any content without training and for all use cases - this instant understanding is known as ‘zero-shot.'

    AI Refinement Solutions

    Our refinement solutions enhance the AI model with customer specific information to address your unique business use cases - regardless of industry.



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    Ensuring Data Protection

    KnowledgeLake partners with Azure, the gold standard in data privacy and security. This partnership ensures that AI prompts, completions, and training data are never available publicly. 

    Data Encryption: Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, ensuring that sensitive information is always protected.
    Data Segregation: Client data is never comingled and always segregated by tenant.
    Access Control: Strict access controls and authentication ensure that only those authorized have access to the data.
    Regular Audits and Compliance Checks: Regular security audits ensure that we not only meet but exceed industry security standards.

    Unlocking the Power of AI for Enterprise Automation

    Intuitive AI optimizes content management, boosts productivity, and enables organizations to leverage their documents and content assets more effectively.

    "The real labor savings came from getting the invoices from the email inbox to the clerks so they can send them to the right person to review and then three-way match them in our ERP system. It’s been a significant reduction in labor costs."

    TJ Dennis | CIO, Wilson Trailer

    "The new system has significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes users to complete a process end to end and is generally quick and easy to use."

    Rishi Gulhar | Enterprise Services Team, Montgomery County Maryland

    "When drivers deliver freight, they have proof of delivery documents that have to be automated and oftentimes we’re unable to bill our customers without that documentation. Automating that allows us to get from order to cash much more quickly. And then we’re able to take those people and capitalize on their skills someplace else."

    Anonymous | VP of Information Technology, National Transportation Services Provider

    Empower Your People with Scalable Digital Labor

    Learn how Intuitive AI powers our entire enterprise automation platform to deliver digital labor at scale.