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    Streamline Healthcare Operations with Intuitive AI-powered Automation

    Our platforms helps improve workflows, lower costs, and enhance compliance while delivering exceptional patient care by harnessing Digital Labor at scale.

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    One Modern Platform for High-Quality Patient Care

    Optimizing operations is paramount to delivering exceptional patient care and maintaining a competitive edge. KnowledgeLake helps support healthcare organizations in streamlining their processes and enhancing operational efficiency across departments.

    Our Intuitive AI-powered, Cloud-native automation platform seamlessly integrates Adaptive IDP, Intelligent RPA, Workflow Automation, and Content Management into a single, user-friendly interface that empowers healthcare organizations to automate workflows, expedite document retrieval, and enhance compliance at a low cost. 


    Healthcare Security

    Industry-leading Security and Reliability

    Rest easy knowing that your data remains secure within your Azure tenant. Our cloud-native Azure integration ensures high availability with a remarkable 99.98% uptime. No data ever leaves your tenant, providing the utmost data privacy and compliance. We proactively monitor your Azure environment, resolving any issues before they impact your business operations.

    We also hold a comprehensive set of compliance certifications, including SOC 2, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and HIPAA. HIPAA compliance confirms KnowledgeLake’s cloud-native platform meets the stringent guidelines for securely handling protected health information (PHI).

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    KnowledgeLake Keeps Your Team Organized and Effective with Healthcare Document Processing

    Ensure your healthcare facility is performing to its highest potential with our intelligent document management platform.

    "Integration with Workday, which contains basically all our master information about active employees, was a huge benefit."

    Anonymous | IT Senior Analyst, 5-Star Regional Hospital System

    "Closing the books on our centers requires a lot of supporting documentation and effort. Moving to KnowledgeLake has allowed our accounting staff to find the documents much more easily and quickly."

    Corey C. | System Engineer, Amsurg

    Maximize Efficency with Digital Labor

    Partner with us for enhanced efficiency, improved compliance, and actionable insights that drive results in today's dynamic healthcare landscape.