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    Simplifying Healthcare Documentation with a Powerful Automation Platform

    Modernize your document management system so you can process paperwork more efficiently. With KnowledgeLake, healthcare organizations automate workflows, speed document retrieval, and increase compliance.

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    One Intelligent Platform for High-Quality Patient Care

    Ready to plow through paperwork like never before? KnowledgeLake boasts intelligent capture that automatically and immediately processes, digitizes, indexes, and categorizes any document in any format.

    AI extracts applicable data and routes it to the right people directly within their preferred applications. Unlimited document storage with easy search and retrieval means you'll never miss a document again.

    As a leading enterprise content management platform for major cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, our solutions are built on a foundation of strong security and privacy.

    Privacy and Security are Top of Mind

    KnowledgeLake holds a comprehensive set of compliance certifications, including SOC 2, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and HIPAA. HIPAA compliance confirms KnowledgeLake’s cloud-native platform meets the stringent guidelines for securely handling protected health information (PHI).

    KnowledgeLake Keeps Your Team Organized and Effective with Healthcare Document Processing

    Ensure your healthcare facility is performing to its highest potential with our intelligent document management platform.

    "Integration with Workday, which contains basically all our master information about active employees, was a huge benefit."

    Anonymous | IT Senior Analyst, 5-Star Regional Hospital System

    "Closing the books on our centers requires a lot of supporting documentation and effort. Moving to KnowledgeLake has allowed our accounting staff to find the documents much more easily and quickly."

    Corey C. | System Engineer, Amsurg

    Eliminate the Pain of Paperwork

    Partner with us to control and manage your flow of documents like never before with powerful, efficient document processing automation.