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    Automate the Most Critical Document Processes in Manufacturing

    Automate the document-centric back-office processes that make manufacturing run. Achieve a new level of efficiency by ensuring total data accuracy and eliminating information silos.

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    Accelerate Critical Workflows

    KnowledgeLake’s intelligent capture automatically and instantly digitizes, indexes, categorizes, and processes any document in any format. Intuitive AI and embedded machine learning extract relevant data and route it to the right people within their preferred application(s), helping them get things done faster and easier.


    KnowledgeLake incorporates modern cloud-native technology to improve manufacturing’s back-office workflows.

    • Cloud Architecture that’s easy to implement and integrates with your existing technology 
    • Adaptive IDP enables automatic data classification and extraction for faster and more accurate task completion 
    • Workflow Automation lets users build automated processes with a simple user-friendly interface

    Drive Progress With Best-in-Class Process Automation Tools

    Let KnowledgeLake power your productivity.

    Overcome Manufacturing’s 6 Big Document Processing Challenges

    KnowledgeLake can help you address back-office hurdles in your manufacturing operation.


    Process, classify, and route documentation and data so you can reduce duplicate data input. Automate purchasing workflows to free your procurement team from endlessly routing and approving documents manually so they can focus on managing critical tasks.

    Receiving & Warehouse

    Capture documents and collect data once, eliminating redundancy and confusion across multiple touch points and systems. Documents and data accompany specific parts as they move through your system, minimizing confusion and missteps on the manufacturing floor and at the warehouse.

    AP & Invoicing

    Enable straight-through invoice processing to ERP. Scale up to process more invoices with existing resources, eliminating input errors and rework. Automatically capture and extract the data from every incoming invoice. Route and synchronize applicable data to core financial systems and business applications. Streamline approval routing and tracking so every invoice gets paid on time. 


    Extract, classify, and route key data and documents to the correct systems for improved forecasting, scheduling, and budgeting accuracy. Automate workflows with accurate data so you stay informed throughout the supply chain.

    KnowledgeLake-Icon-Government Security

    Facilitate the collection and organization of critical documents needed to assure compliance and satisfy regulatory requirements. Easy search and retrieval means you never have to hunt for documents.

    KnowledgeLake-Icon-Person Operatiosn
    HR & Onboarding

    Streamline the gathering, management, and storage of employee information for application screenings, onboarding, employee data management, benefits management, and workers compensation claims.

    "We’re seeing a lot of growth, not only in beer production, but in the support side of the business. We have more invoices to process and more employees to hire. With that comes more paperwork. But we wanted to get rid of the paperwork and move into the digital side of things, which is a big part of the work that we’ve done with KnowledgeLake."

    Tye Eyden | Collaboration Analyst, New Belgium Brewing

    "Every item that comes in for service is accompanied by a ton of documents. We needed to streamline the complexity of customer service paperwork. KnowledgeLake directly impacts the speed of managing each watch repair."

    Anonymous | System Engineer, Luxury Watchmaker

    "With the KnowledgeLake solution, we have one single place where documents are stored, and can search for and retrieve a specific document in just a few moments. It allows us to be much more productive and to easily access information to make business decisions."

    Rama Sundaram | Director of Technology, MJB Wood

    Work with KnowledgeLake for Maximum Productivity

    Partner with us to solve back-office inefficiency and maximize business impact.