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    The Intelligent Solution for Microsoft Office SharePoint

    KnowledgeLake works seamlessly with MS Sharepoint services to capture, process, manage, and archive your most important business documents. Use KnowledgeLake to turn SharePoint into one powerful intelligent document processing solution.

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    Achieve Maximum SharePoint Utility:

    • Never miss a document with automatic capture and digitization of documents

    • Simplify how you organize content

    • Easy document search and retrieval


    The Complete Guide to SharePoint Modernization

    Microsoft Office SharePoint offers an unmistakable depth and breadth of functionality that works well on its own – but can be exponentially more powerful when combined with different services and applications. Explore and understand how to bring your SharePoint modernization project to unforeseen heights. 

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    Optimized for SharePoint

    Ready to Use

    KnowledgeLake works with your existing Microsoft environment. No need to rip and replace. And using KnowledgeLake with MS Sharepoint services is intuitive. No training or IT support necessary.

    Work Smarter, Not Harder

    Achieve a new level of efficiency with the tools you already use. KnowledgeLake turns SharePoint into a productivity machine that helps you process paperwork faster and get more done.

    Migration Made Easy

    Migrate to SharePoint Online for easier, seamless document management in the Cloud. Leave behind the burden of legacy on-prem software and free your staff from support tickets.


    Migrate to SharePoint Online

    Get to the cloud with a migration partner you can trust. Migrate to SharePoint Online to support your modern workforce, maximize your Microsoft investment, and eliminate the cost of legacy on-prem maintenance.

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    KnowledgeLake and SharePoint give you a complete solution for intelligent document processing.

    Scan to SharePoint

    KnowledgeLake is the most powerful solution for complex, high-volume scanning to SharePoint. Quickly scan large volumes of documents from any source directly into SharePoint. Eliminate the risk of errors and the costs that come with manual data entry.

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    Your Partner for All Things SharePoint

    Work with the company that has 20 years experience making SharePoint an essential solution for efficient document management.