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    StreamLine Your Business

    KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions

    Innovative portfolio of custom-built business processes for specific industry needs such as Client Onboarding, Accounts Payable, Commercial Loans, and many more.

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    The Suite of Solutions to Transform Your Business

    StreamLine solutions are designed to simplify and optimize various processes, tasks, or workflows by leveraging Intuitive AI and intelligent automation. These solutions are built to enhance user experience, improve efficiency, and reduce business complexity. 

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    StreamLine Solutions Feature

    Enhanced Workflow Engine

    One of the most flexible workflow designers on the market let's you easily manage documents, route them, add approvers, and so much more. Built from the ground up with APIs in mind, the easy-to-use designer empowers enterprises to build workflows tailored to their specific needs quickly.

    Customer Experience Portal

    Loops customers into your business processes, so they can participate in workflows by completing tasks like uploading documents. They also gain self-service visibility and transparency into the process. Quickly build a portal for client onboarding, loans, invoice processing, student enrollment and more. 

    Instant Pro-Forms Easily collect data from your customers and other external users kick off a business process. The drag-and-drop designer lets organizations quickly build forms and customize them according to their desired look and feel. Use Pro-Forms to kick off your credentialing process, student enrollment, patient registrations.
    Intuitive AI

    KnowledgeLake's Intuitive AI can automatically summarize, interpret, and extract information from any document within seconds. It powers automation workflows to ensure ideal business outcomes. Use cases include summarizing student transcripts or legal documents, or extracting invoice due dates. 

    Customized to Your Industry

    KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions easily combine and integrate with other applications for various use cases across industries, including government, financial services, education, and healthcare.

    “KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions are a game changer for organizations like ours that are looking to modernize IT and move to a new, digital model of efficiency. With a backbone of intuitive AI, this powerful suite will unlock a new wave of productivity, growth, and innovation for future success.”

    Tye Eyden | IT Enterprise Collaboration Systems Manager, New Belgium Brewing



    Maximize Business Impact with Digital Labor

    Maximize business impact, improve workflows, and lower costs with Digital Labor at scale.