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    Solve Your Most Complex Workflow Automation Challenges

    Easily automate business processes across departments and business functions. Our workflow automation fits into your existing technology environment to drive immediate business results.

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    Easily Build Automated Workflows

    • Automatically route the right information and files to the right users, so they never need to leave their program or application to complete a task
    • Eliminate the information silos that stand in the way of maximum employee efficiency
    • Get programs and applications talking to each other. Experience seamless integration with existing workflow engines and business software, without need for customization

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    Workflow Automation Case Study

    Nationwide Transportation Provider Optimizes Order to Cash Cycle, Improves Employee Productivity

    Manual, high-volume business processes burdened one of North America's top shipping companies. Then the company worked with KnowledgeLake to automate the processing of invoices, bills of lading, freight bills, and driver onboarding.

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    A Workflow Automation Solution Your Team Will Love

    Our Intuitive AI-powered workflow automation solution makes it easy for your team digitize the manual, paper-heavy processes that slow them down.

    Simplify Operations Streamline your workflows and simplify the way your people manage, retrieve, and enter information within the applications they already use. Benefit from straight-through processing and the ability to better accommodate exceptions and changes.
    Ensure Compliance

    Integrate security and compliance rules directly into automated processes, improving your team’s accountability and protecting your business.

    Reduce IT Complexity

    Optimize your existing workflow engine(s) with a platform that fits into your workflow ecosystem. Make your existing tools work better and minimize the burden on your team.

    Leaders in Workflow Automation

    What sets KnowledgeLake’s workflow automation platform apart?

    "The real labor savings came from getting the invoices from the email inbox to the clerks so they can send them to the right person to review and then three-way match them in our ERP system. It’s been a significant reduction in labor costs."

    TJ Dennis | CIO, Wilson Trailer

    "The new system has significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes users to complete a process end to end and is generally quick and easy to use."

    Rishi Gulhar | Enterprise Services Team, Montgomery County Maryland

    "When drivers deliver freight, they have proof of delivery documents that have to be automated and oftentimes we’re unable to bill our customers without that documentation. Automating that allows us to get from order to cash much more quickly. And then we’re able to take those people and capitalize on their skills someplace else."

    Anonymous | VP of Information Technology, National Transportation Services Provider

    Experience the Benefits of Workflow Automation

    Learn how our Intuitive AI-powered solution drives business results.