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    Drive Business Value with our 4-Point Automation Platform

    Adaptive IDP, Workflow Automation, Intelligent RPA & Content Management in one Cloud-native, AI powered platform.

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    Drive business results with reduced manual labor and accelerated workflows.

    Adaptive IDP

    Capture & digitize unstructured data from any content for easy intelligent document processing (IDP). 

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    Workflow Automation

    Transform legacy systems & paper-heavy processes with Intuitive AI-powered Workflow Automation. 

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    Intelligent RPA

    Automate mundane, repetitive, time-consuming tasks with attended and unattended RPA. 

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    Content Management Easily migrate & manage everything through the document processing lifecycle.  Learn More

    Automate business processes and workflows in one smart, low-cost interface.

    We unify and automate all your data with a completely maintained automation platform that eliminates server, software, and upgrade issues. With 99.99% uptime and iron-clad security, our turnkey platform makes hyperautomation easy.

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    Manage Data Securely and Easily, Anywhere

    We empower your employees to improve ‘business services’ like onboarding and invoicing, while freeing up IT to focus on critical items. Our Intuitive AI powered automation platform is tightly integrated with Microsoft products for greater business efficiency.

    Supercharge your operational efficiency and amplify your human labor with enterprise automation.

    Turnkey Automation Platform (SaaS)

    We unify and automate all your content with a completely maintained Intuitive AI powered enterprise automation platform that eliminates server, software, upgrade issues.

    Pay Only for What You Use

    Our simple, low-cost, pricing is based purely on document processing, so you only pay for the functionality you actually use!

    Plug-n-Play Integrations As a five-time Microsoft Partner of the Year, we are tightly integrated with SharePoint, Power Platform, and Syntex, as well as other platforms.

    Increase operational & cost efficiency with an easy-to-use, proven platform!

    Our enterprise automation platform deploys in hours, not months, and integrates Adaptive IDP, Workflow Automation, RPA and Content Management—all powered by KnowledgeLake’s Intuitive AI.



    Maximize Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

    Drive business value with our 4-point, Intuitive AI powered automation platform.