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    Boost Operational Efficiency in Shipping & Logistics with Automation

    Ensure seamless document hand-offs and accurate, comprehensive data with our Intuitive AI-powered automation platform.

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    Navigating a Sea of Documents

    KnowledgeLake’s intelligent document processing automatically and immediately ingests, digitizes, indexes, and categorizes any document in any format.

    Our Intuitive AI extracts the needed data from each document and routes it to the right people directly within the application(s) they use. Our universal document storage space means it’s easy to retrieve your information. 


    A Cloud-native Platform to Power Supply Chain Processes

    • Cloud Architecture that’s easy to implement and integrates with your existing technology. 
    • Machine Learning that’s intuitive right out of the box, analyzing new shipping and logistics document types for faster and more accurate task completion across departments.
    • One Complete Automation Platform that combines Adaptive IDP, Workflow Automation, Intelligent RPA, and Content Management in one user-friendly, low-cost interface. KnowledgeLake lets you automate key processes like billing, HR, safety compliance, and fleet maintenance.

    KnowledgeLake Simplifies Shipping and Logistics Processes

    Propel and protect your supply chain with our content management system and its built-in RPA, workflow, and IDP.

    "When drivers deliver freight, they have proof of delivery documents that have to be automated and oftentimes we’re unable to bill our customers without that documentation. Automating allows us to get from order to cash much more quickly. And then we’re able to take those people and capitalize on their skills someplace else."

    Anonymous | VP of Information Technology, National Transportation Services Provider

    "Since we are acquiring organizations and growing the way that we are, standardization is huge for us. KnowledgeLake has given us the ability to standardize our ECM model and capitalize on that, which is really pushing us forward."

    Anonymous | VP of Information Technology, National Transportation Services Provider

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    Automate critical back-office processes in your supply chain for greater efficiency and performance.