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    Intelligent Customer Experience

    How do you create satisfied customers? Speed and quality of response. Deliver the experience your customers want with Adaptive IDP, Workflow Automation, Intelligent RPA and Content Management.

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    Fast, Accurate Customer Experience at Scale

    Customer-facing employees are constantly looking up information, documents, and records. The ability to provide fast service to customers – and take action based on accurate data – requires taking control of your information.

    KnowledgeLake gives front-line employees the ability to find the information and documents they need, instantly. Empower them to instantly retrieve everything they need for orders, shipments, invoices, loans, applications, and more with instant and secure access to the right information from any application.

    Drive Intelligent Customer Experiences with KnowledgeLake's Enterprise Automation

    KnowledgeLake Intuitive AI-powered platform supports the most important working parts of the customer experience.

    “Every item that comes in for service is accompanied by a ton of documents. We needed to streamline the complexity of customer service paperwork. KnowledgeLake directly impacts the speed of managing each watch repair.”

    Anonymous | System Engineer, Luxury Watchmaker

    We are experts in providing laundry services, not intelligent content automation. We wanted to focus more on customer-centric activities and the KnowledgeLake Cloud lets us do this.

    Tony Mancuso | CFO, Mission Linen

    Deliver a Better Customer Experience

    Customers want information fast. Enable your front-line teams to provide them with it.