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    Easily Build Automated Workflows with Intelligent RPA

    With KnowledgeLake’s intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA), you can quickly build automated document workflows. Enable your employees to easily build simple to complex workflows without IT support.

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    How Does RPA Work?

    KnowledgeLake RPA empowers you to design, build, and execute task-driven workflows within any application. Leverage our RPA tools to automate core everyday business processes. Easily integrate modern and legacy applications and systems, and embed business rules into the organization without relying on tribal knowledge.

    While RPA can be applied to any task or workflow, it's deeply integrated with our enterprise automation platform for document workflows.


    Streamline Workflows with Powerful Automation Capabilities

    Bring powerful, bot-driven automation to a variety of document and data management tasks. With KnowledgeLake RPA, you can quickly and easily: 

    • Acquire documents
    • Generate documents
    • Integrate data into any business application
    • Migrate data and documents
    • Automate any document-related task

    Automation That Adapts and Evolves

    • Conduct rapid remediation through production tooling that speaks the language of the user
    • Execution of recordings and screenshots allows users to quickly diagnose problems and propose corrective actions
    • Implement time-sensitive modifications in minutes versus days or weeks

    Why KnowledgeLake’s RPA Is Different

    Our RPA offering is purpose-built to help customers save time, reduce human error, and enable more efficient business operations. Four things separate our solution from traditional automation tools.

    Built-In RPA Design Studio Leverage intuitive, out-of-the-box tools to build task-driven, bot-executed workflows. Our built-in RPA design studio features a no-code, drag-and-drop interface so users can design and configure automated document processes without development support or extensive training.
    The KnowledgeLake Assistant

    The KnowledgeLake Assistant allows you to embed attended bots into any Windows, browser, or legacy application without modifications to the application or vendor permission. This saves you and your team time and effort and removes the burden of onboarding and integrating new software.

    Video Forensics

    KnowledgeLake records each and every bot action to give you a comprehensive record for review and remediation. Video forensics enables end users to better oversee and manage the production environment with intuitive videos showing precisely what a bot did during execution, click-by-click. It’s a level of visibility and transparency few other RPA vendors can match.

    Craft Your Solution

    Our RPA technology stands on its own. Implement RPA solutions independently of our capture or repository capabilities, if desired, and integrate with any document repository.

    Build Intelligent Workflows to Improve Business

    KnowledgeLake's RPA empowers your people and organization to automate mundane, time-consuming tasks.

    "Every item that comes in for service is accompanied by a ton of documents. We needed to streamline the complexity of customer service paperwork. KnowledgeLake directly impacts the speed of managing each watch repair."

    Anonymous | System Engineer, Luxury Watchmaker

    "Employees were manually searching for government solicitations and awards from multiple government websites every morning to gather work for the day. On a busy day, they would spend up to four hours just pulling solicitations and awards, not even processing them. Now [because of KnowledgeLake's RPA], when our specialists arrive in the morning, their work is already waiting. By making our process more efficient, we are not only adding capacity to our own team, but we can also better serve our clients by getting them RFQs quicker."

    Jessica Boehme | Systems Engineer, ECI Defense Group

    "We’re seeing a lot of growth, not only in beer production, but in the support side of the business. We have more invoices to process and more employees to hire. With that comes more paperwork. But we wanted to get rid of the paperwork and move into the digital side of things, which is a big part of the work that we’ve done with KnowledgeLake."

    Tye Eyeden | Collaboration Analyst, New Belgium Brewing

    Intelligent RPA, Without the Complexity or Cost

    Build automated solutions that drive your organization forward.