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    Cloud Content Management

    Easily manage all your documents throughout the document processing lifecycle. no matter where they reside.

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    End-to-End Modern Content Management

    KnowledgeLake makes everyday content management in the Cloud a breeze.

    Intuitive Design KnowledgeLake makes it easy for you to search, link to, and store unlimited documents. Configuration is simple, and one-click search and view lets employees quickly pull up documents without needing to leave the applications they work in.
    Storage Your Way

    KnowledgeLake gives you an unlimited document repository that scales to your needs. KnowledgeLake also works with existing document storage systems, including AWS S3 or Microsoft SharePoint, so you can “BYOS” (bring your own storage).

    Unmatched Shareability

    Easily and securely export and share files with external users as needed.

    Find Documents with One-Click Search and View without Leaving Your Business Application

    One Point of Access for All Your Documents

    Knock down information silos within your organization. Give your teams instant access to documents whenever they need them. Simplify the way you manage, retrieve, and store documents from the moment you receive them.


    Compliance Made Easy

    Our content management automatically captures materials for risk and compliance, ensuring that you never lose track of documents again. Easily manage audits and internal reviews with instant document retrieval. 

    How KnowledgeLake Simplifies Content Management

    "With the KnowledgeLake solution, we have one single place where content is stored, and can search for and retrieve a specific piece of content in just a few moments. It allows us to be much more productive and to easily access information to make business decisions."

    Rama Sundaram | Director of Technology, MJB Wood

    "Since we are acquiring organizations and growing the way that we are, standardization is huge for us. KnowledgeLake has given us the ability to standardize our content management model and capitalize on that, which is really pushing us forward."

    Anonymous | VP of Information Technology, National Transportation Services Provider

    "We had five content management vendors. They were all proprietary. We couldn’t get to the data without paying them to get it on our behalf. In order to have a SQL Server back-end with a SharePoint front-end that met multiple needs of the university, KnowledgeLake was a perfect solution."

    Denise Hirschbeck | Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Services and Technology, Washington University in St. Louis

    "When we were looking at what to do with the migration of our PeopleSoft documents to the Cloud, we looked at other vendors. No one would do it as straight-forwardly as KnowledgeLake, nor as cost-effectively."

    Denise Hirschbeck | Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Services and Technology, Washington University in St. Louis

    "Closing the books on our centers requires a lot of supporting documentation and effort. Moving to KnowledgeLake has allowed our accounting staff to find that content much more easily and quickly."

    Corey C. | System Engineer, Amsurg

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