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    HR Automation Software That Keeps Your People Moving

    Streamline critical HR workflows and increase productivity with Digital Labor at scale.

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    HR Administration, Simplified

    Automate time-consuming, manual HR processes to enable HR employees to shift their focus to higher value tasks. KnowledgeLake enables HR teams to process employee records, job applications, benefits management, and workers comp claims faster and more accurately.

    Take complete control of employee and job applicant documents from the moment they arrive. Intelligent automation assures that every document is accounted for and easily searchable. And all of the required data from each document is shared across systems.

    Automate Your Most Important HR Processes

    Inject a new level of efficiency into HR workflows when you leverage KnowledgeLake's Intuitive AI-powered automation platform.

    "KnowledgeLake is helping us increase the efficiency of the HR department by reducing paper and the time it takes to find information."

    Kathie Tourangeau | District Principle, Edmonton Catholic Schools

    "Integration with Workday, which contains basically all our master information about active employees, was a huge benefit."

    Anonymous | IT Senior Analyst, 5-Star Hospital System

    We had five document management vendors. They were all proprietary. We couldn’t get to the data without paying them to get it on our behalf. In order to have a SQL Server back-end with a SharePoint front-end that met multiple needs of the university, KnowledgeLake was a perfect solution.

    Denise Hirschbeck | Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Services and Technology, Washington University in St. Louis

    HR Automation Helps You Focus on What Matters

    Automate the flow of your most important human resources documents for renewed operational efficiency.