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    A Modular ECM Platform & New StreamLine Solutions Powered by Intuitive AI

    Solve your business-specific content and document challenges faster and easier than ever with KnowledgeLake's newest features.

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    A Cloud-Native, Modular ECM Platform

    KnowledgeLake allows you to easily modernize your ECM system in the Cloud with Adaptive IDP, Content Management & Workflow Automation, all powered by KnowledgeLake’s Intuitive AI. 

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    • KnowledgeLake Adaptive IDPTM automates the data extraction, understanding, and processing of documents. 
    • Workflow Automation orchestrates complete business processes with an integrated RPA engine. 
    • Our Advanced Content Management provides easy and secure access to content. 
    • KnowledgeLake StreamLine SolutionsTM add the ability to solve business-specific problems in various industries. 
    • Intuitive AITM, our self-learning, highly accurate AI powers the entire platform, no training required.


    StreamLine Solutions

    Boost Efficiency and Satisfaction with Lightning-Fast Solutions

    KnowledgeLake StreamLine solutions are custom, pre-built business processes that feature our enhanced workflow, Customer Experience Portal & instant Pro-Forms and are powered by  KnowledgeLake’s Intuitive AI to accelerate your business outcomes.

    • Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual processes.
    • Accelerate task completion.
    • Ensure consistency in operations. 
    • Free up employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities. 
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    Intuitive AI

    The Power of Understanding Without Instruction

    Self-learning, highly accurate AI powers the entire platform, no training required.

    • Zero-shot understanding ensures you achieve your goals with any document without training.
    • Accurately extracts and summarizes meaningful information from any document type.
    • Combines the ease of natural language with the flexibility of low-code development.
    • Identifies patterns & correlations in content, suggests actions, and highlights anomalies.
    • Intelligently analyzes and tags content, making it easier to locate relevant information quickly.
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    “KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions are a game changer for organizations like ours that are looking to modernize IT and move to a new, digital model of efficiency. With a backbone of intuitive AI, this powerful suite will unlock a new wave of productivity, growth and innovation for future success.”

    Tye Eyden | IT Enterprise Collaboration Systems Manager, New Belgium Brewing

    Information is the Lifeblood of Your Organization

    Work with KnowledgeLake to get documents and data flowing seamlessly throughout your organization.