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    Learn how ‘Intuitive AI’ offers the fastest, easiest, way to process documents!

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    Upgrade to Version 3.11!

    Welcome to the Era of Intuitive AI

    Upgrade to ‘Intuitive AI’ - it's the fastest, easiest, way to process documents. 

    • Easier than ‘fingerprints’– Just type commands in English
    • Faster – Instant Classification & Extraction
    • More Accurate  – Data is read ‘in context’ by AI
    • Smarter – Instantly Summarizes Documents
    • Secure –  Prompts, Completions & Training Data do not leave your tenant 


    New Release

    Introducing Version 3.11

    Version 3.11 introduces zero-shot classification & extraction features to automatically identify documents and intelligently retrieve information without the need for training. This efficiency in processing and organizing large volumes of information plays a major role in improving overall business productivity. KnowledgeLake's Intuitive AI is not just an advancement in AI technology; it's a practical solution for businesses aiming to manage and utilize their data more effectively.

    KnowledgeLake version 3.11 is faster, easier to use, and smarter as we extend the reach and possibilities for digital labor.

    To learn more, read our latest blog here

    AI laptop
    Intuitive AI

    The Power of Understanding Without Instruction

    Self-learning, highly accurate AI powers the entire platform, no training required.

    • Zero-shot understanding ensures you achieve your goals with any document without training.
    • Accurately extracts and summarizes meaningful information from any document type.
    • Combines the ease of natural language with the flexibility of low-code development.
    • Identifies patterns & correlations in content, suggests actions, and highlights anomalies.
    • Intelligently analyzes and tags content, making it easier to locate relevant information quickly.
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    “KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions are a game changer for organizations like ours that are looking to modernize IT and move to a new, digital model of efficiency. With a backbone of intuitive AI, this powerful suite will unlock a new wave of productivity, growth and innovation for future success.”

    Tye Eyden | IT Enterprise Collaboration Systems Manager, New Belgium Brewing

    Information is the Lifeblood of Your Organization

    Work with KnowledgeLake to get documents and data flowing seamlessly throughout your organization.