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    Powerfully Simple Intelligent Document Processing Software

    Intelligent document processing software is essential to digital transformation. Immediately empower your organization to automate high-volume document flows and achieve hyper efficiency.

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    A Complete IDP Solution

    Turn documents into usable data. While intelligent document processing has historically focused on capture and data extraction, KnowledgeLake delivers a complete automation solution. We weave capture and data extraction together with AI, workflow automation, and document management to drive critical jobs from start to finish. That means you can pay invoices, onboard customers, make loans, and so much more with as little human intervention as possible.


    Why Intelligent Document Processing Software?

    Intelligent document processing solves the bottlenecks and inefficiencies of manually processing high-volume transactional documents such as applications, loans, invoices, and other vital paperwork. This frees up your people to tackle more important problems that require critical decision-making and strategic thinking, making your organization more productive and profitable. 

    The Three Pillars of Intelligent Document Processing

    KnowledgeLake’s intelligent document processing software offers powerful capabilities that transform the way you work.

    Read Any Document Our platform can read any document, digital or paper, from any device. Extract PDFs, DOCs, and other files directly from your email client.
    Classify & Extract

    Every document you receive is automatically categorized and separated. Machine learning extracts the precise data needed from each document. KnowledgeLake then routes that data downstream to the right people, directly within their application.

    Learn & Remember

    Machine learning allows for faster, more accurate data extractions. KnowledgeLake gets smarter the more you use it. AI slashes the time spent training on the platform.

    A New Benchmark for Intelligent Document Processing

    "We’re seeing a lot of growth, not only in beer production, but in the support side of the business. We have more invoices to process and more employees to hire. With that comes more paperwork. But we wanted to get rid of the paperwork and move into the digital side of things, which is a big part of the work that we’ve done with KnowledgeLake."

    Tye Eyeden | Collaboration Analyst, New Belgium Brewing

    "What gets measured gets managed. Before KnowledgeLake, there was no measurement. Now we know what goes into the cost of our AP process."

    TJ Dennis | CIO, Wilson Trailer

    "All cognitive capture products do much the same thing: capture documents and process them through a workflow. But they also typically require a lot of time to design, integrate, implement, and maintain. KnowledgeLake Cloud has bundled and built all these parts and pieces into a single cloud platform that is exceptionally easy to use."

    Alan Pelz Sharpe | Founder & Chief Analyst, Deep Analysis

    "We are experts in providing laundry services, not intelligent content automation. We wanted to focus more on customer-centric activities and the KnowledgeLake Cloud lets us do this."

    Tony Mancuso | CFO, Mission Linen

    "Digitizing our paper files with KnowledgeLake has really helped us streamline day to day tasks across multiple departments."

    Doug Sutherland | Web Architect, Jefferson County Public Schools

    Trust KnowledgeLake with Your Most Important Documents

    Experience a new level of performance. Partner with us and see your efficiency soar powerful intelligent document processing software.