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    KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions Revolutionize Enterprise Content Management with Intuitive AI

    Innovative portfolio of low-code offerings helps organizations solve business-specific challenges faster and easier than ever, leveraging secure, cutting-edge AI that doesn't require training.

    ST. LOUIS, July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- KnowledgeLake, a modern cloud-native Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, announced the immediate availability of KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions™, a groundbreaking suite of solutions that will transform how enterprises tackle complex business challenges.

    The launch of KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions puts the company at the forefront of the enterprise content management (ECM) space by delivering next-generation, Intuitive AI™ that is secure, highly accurate and capable of understanding context. KnowledgeLake's Intuitive AI powers the entire KnowledgeLake ECM platform and the new KnowledgeLake Streamline Solutions suite. This suite of solutions also features:

    KnowledgeLake's Workflow Engine – one of the most flexible workflow designers on the market. Built from the ground up with APIs in mind, the easy-to-use designer empowers enterprises to build workflows tailored to their specific needs quickly.

    Customer Experience Portal – loops customers into an organization's business process, allowing them to actively participate in workflows by completing tasks like uploading documents or answering questions. Customers also gain self-service visibility and transparency into the process through the portal.

    Instant Pro-Forms – provides an easy way to collect data from customers and other external users to help kick off a business process. The drag-and-drop designer lets organizations quickly build forms and customize them according to their desired look and feel.

    "Infusing Intuitive AI into the KnowledgeLake platform sets a new standard for the industry," said Ron Cameron, CEO and co-founder of KnowledgeLake. "Enterprises can now leverage out-of-the-box document intelligence with next generation tools to help solve crucial content management pain points and document processing challenges faster and easier than ever."

    KnowledgeLake's Intuitive AI has the ability to automatically summarize, interpret and extract information from any document within seconds. In addition, the cutting-edge technology offers a human-like interface that allows users to ask questions about documents or give commands that the AI intuitively responds to without the need for training. It also features an easy-to-use interface for enhancing the AI model with customer specific information for even greater document accuracy and to deploy custom workflows.

    The AI-powered solutions are already gaining traction in the market, with customers planning innovative ways to advance content management in the cloud and drive efficiencies through process automation.

    "KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions are a game changer for organizations like ours that are looking to modernize IT and move to a new, digital model of efficiency," Tye Eyden, IT Enterprise Collaboration Systems Manager at New Belgium Brewing. "With a backbone of intuitive AI, this powerful suite will unlock a new wave of productivity, growth and innovation for future success."

    KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions easily combine and integrate with other applications for various use cases across industries, including government, financial services, education, and healthcare. KnowledgeLake's platform is built on major cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, providing unlimited storage, robust security, privacy, and many other benefits.

    For more about KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions, click here.

    About KnowledgeLake

    KnowledgeLake is the only fully Cloud-native Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform combining Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), Workflow Automation and Content Management in an easy-to-use, single UI. Powered by its Intuitive AI™, KnowledgeLake Adaptive IDP™ automates the data extraction, understanding and processing of documents. Workflow Automation orchestrates complete business processes with an integrated RPA engine. Our Content Management provides easy and secure access to content. KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions™ add the ability to solve business-specific problems in various industries. With two million users, the company has earned numerous accolades, including five 'Microsoft Partner of the Year' awards. For more information, visit

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