Only KnowledgeLake combines machine learning and robotic process automation on an endlessly scalable cloud platform—and puts it to the task of managing transactional content.

A modern content management platform

Content fuels the business processes critical to workplace activity, and ultimately, business performance. But most organizations struggle to unlock the value of their content from unintuitive interfaces and disparate content management systems.

With the KnowledgeLake Platform, business users drive your critical processes with automated multichannel image capture, classification, data extraction, routing and search with integration to any line of business system or repository. Content management like you’ve never seen it: flexible services architected for the cloud and delivered via lightweight, user-engaged interfaces and web-based applications.

Welcome to the future of content management

Your way

Leverage the systems and processes you already have in place.


Your inbound content

Automatically classified, captured and routed based on what it is and how it relates to what you already have.

Your employees

Empowered to onboard and manage new content profiles as needed—in any line of business.

Your data

Managed without complex integrations or changes to existing processes, and accessed from a common user interface.

Your terms

Mix and match transaction-based services. Pay only for what you use.


Your most critical content

Secure in the cloud and free from constraints. 

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What can you do with the KnowledgeLake Platform?

Solve your transactional content challenges with on-demand content services.

Automate document capture and classification

Powered by patent-pending machine-learning technology, document classification and capture reach new levels of process automation—with the quickest ROI.

Connect to any system, power your production workflows

Process unstructured information at the speed it’s received. Combine RPA with workflow, and there’s no process or system you can’t connect.

Take the guesswork out of where to store content

From needless siloes to context- and purpose-driven content management in the cloud. Connect to any repository or use cloud storage and own your own data.  


AIIM Industry Report

What’s behind the massive user shift to SharePoint Online? Find out what factors are influencing the decision to migrate, and what issues organizations are encountering in their migrations. 

More than 2 million users across 35 countries

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