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    KnowledgeLake’s New No-Code RPA Design Studio Simplifies Document-Centric Automation

    What if you didn’t need to write a single line of code to automate your document workflows? Think how much faster you could test out new ideas, build full-fledged intelligent automations and save time and expense.

    KnowledgeLake’s new RPA Design Studio makes it possible. Our new drag and drop RPA Design Studio lets business analysts and non-technical business users easily and visually map out and launch new processes and process improvements using a visual no-code / low-code GUI interface.

    Real No-Code Automation (Really)

    KnowledgeLake users no longer need to rely on internal developers or an external team to automate a task or modify an existing automation. Gone are the days of lobbying for scarce development resources to scope the work, write the code and conduct testing. Now, teams can do all of this work on their own, from building automated RPA scripts that are run by bots, to launching human-attended desktop automations that teams use to accomplish everyday tasks.

    See the New RPA Design Studio in Action

    In this example, a business user builds a workflow right within a line of business application (in this example, SalesForce). The automation allows a user or any member of their team to pull up any document related to the Salesforce account.

    All of this can now be designed without writing one line of code.

    Why Built-In RPA Matters

    Many other intelligent document processing (IDP) providers allow you to connect to external RPA tools via API. KnowledgeLake, on the other hand, embeds RPA within its core platform. This means users don’t need to connect a separate or external software product, pay for a new service, or learn a new tool.

    To learn more about the new RPA Design Studio, schedule a demo with us here.

    To read more about the KnowledgeLake Cloud “Tahoe” Update, click here!


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