SharePoint Online: The best document processing solution

Choosing the ultimate Microsoft SharePoint Online document processing solution to help your team and organization meet their goals is a tough task. A well-designed, user-friendly document processing solution can transform an organization’s business — optimizing efficiency and amplifying productivity. However, the user experience must be positive for the company to realize these benefits.

When evaluating your options, consider these questions:

        • 1. How much scanning flexibility do you need?
        • Can the document processing solution you’re considering capture content from many sources including desktop scanners, PC’s, file shares, monitored e-mail or Microsoft Outlook? Do your users need the ability to scan via a web browser as well? Ensure you have the ability to scan and import information — be it paper or electronic — in high or low volumes, from multi-function devices.
        • KnowledgeLake can help you transform SharePoint online into the ultimate document processing solution!
        • 2. What capabilities will add value to your business?
        • Do your users encounter smudged or stained documents? Can the platform you’re considering convert file types? Do users have to manually index information? These issues can take a toll on patience and productivity.
        • Consider a processing solution that can perform document cleanup, enhance content for improved readability, convert file types and automatically categorize & index documents to enable speedy searches. A platform to extract information can be used to create workflows or fine-tune a workflow process.
        • 3. How organized is your data storage system?
        • Is your content stored in separate business systems or only in SharePoint? Do employees spend a lot of time hunting for necessary documents or information? This practice frustrates users, creates longer response times and prevents employees from tackling essential tasks.
        • A solution to simultaneously centralize and route necessary documents to your SharePoint Online (and on-premises environment) is essential. The best document processing solution can capture, secure and route information to SharePoint — even if those documents are coming from multiple offices or departments in different states or countries.
        • 4. Are your end users mobile?
        • In today’s digital world, business is conducted in coffee shops, offices, homes and even mid-flight. Do your employees need the freedom to work from anywhere, using a variety of devices?
        • Investigate platforms that allow administrators and users to leverage modern, lightweight and responsive interfaces that can work with any device. For example, SharePoint Online paired with a thin-client KnowledgeLake solution allows users to access what they need through any web browser — as long as there’s internet access.
        • 5. Do you understand your company’s future goals?
        • While you may have a solid idea of your business’ needs at present, what about tomorrow? Does your organization plan to move to the cloud or need to accommodate a hybrid environment? Do you have a plan to manage the extra documents your business will acquire? If you’re currently in a SharePoint on-premises environment but are thinking of making the leap to SharePoint Online, you might want to conduct a SharePoint comparison between the two platforms to see what make sense now and in the future.
        • Choose a platform that is progressive, scalable and designed with cloud-ready architecture. Solutions like these can give you the option to deploy online or on-premises to accommodate your organization’s move to the cloud.

      KnowledgeLake assures your organization follows document management best-practices through architecture and taxonomy planning, content migration, and information governance. Our experts can maximize your investment in Microsoft Office 365 by boosting the value of your SharePoint Online environment.

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