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    Information and Governance: Why Control Your Content?

    Information and governance must go hand-in-hand these days — especially if you are trying to make sense of the content chaos within your organization. If you’re unfamiliar with the terms like information governance or information management, you might assume they are one of the same. Actually, they’re two separate approaches to handling your business content.

    What is information management?

    From capturing, processing and indexing content to storing, archiving or deleting — information management involves how your organization controls various types of information This also includes responding to requests for information and knowing what content should be archived as well as where. However, having an information management strategy isn’t enough to protect you from the risks of lawsuits, audits and fees for noncompliance.

    An enterprise’s information governance policy includes technologies, policies, processes, and strategies used to optimize an organization’s content to meet business and user needs while minimizing risks of legal, industry, or regulatory trouble. This policy serves as the backbone of its information managementstrategy, applying structure and rules while ensuring the objective of the organization’s information management plan is properly executed.

    Are you seeking ways you can minimize risk and costs while optimizing the value of your content across your enterprise? We all know that the ability to efficiently and effectively govern the information lifecycle of all records throughout the enterprise is critical. Just managing the growth and variety of content and its locations alone is a complex process that can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

    Creating an Information and Governance Plan

    KnowledgeLake understands the risks associated with information and governance — especially when your content isn’t well-controlled or organized. It is very challenging — especially when implementing a records management solution.

    Through a number of solutions, KnowledgeLake can help you oversee information and governance, enterprise-wide. The easy-to-use and intuitive platform handles your complete records management requirements. This develops a legally defensible solution, generating audit trails and ensuring documents that need to be archived are kept. Information that needs to be destroyed is tagged so it can be shredded.

    KnowledgeLake has experts who can help you design a solid information and governance plan as well as provide solutions to enforce governance within content management systems. We can also help you with your information governance initiative. Reach out now to get started, 

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