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    KnowledgeLake Huron Update: The Future of Intelligent Document Processing

    In the world of cloud computing, new software releases happen almost daily, and often without much fanfare. But every so often, something special comes along, something big enough, new enough, and significant enough to make a noise about.

    Our KnowledgeLake Huron update is exactly that.

    This release takes our intelligent document processing platform to another level. It’s another big step in our mission to be the world’s most complete, secure and trusted solution for cloud-based document processing. The rich capabilities of the KnowledgeLake Huron update include advanced document capture and data extraction through AI and machine learning, end-to-end automated document processing that complements existing workflow engines and business software, and a limitless Azure content repository, all delivered in one seamless API-rich platform.

    While the technology baked into our KnowledgeLake Huron update is leading-edge, we believe it’s our focus on continuing to improve and enhance the user experience that separates us from our competitors. KnowledgeLake is not a box of fancy tools. It’s an easy-to-use platform designed to help you change the way you work for the better.

    Below are details of some key aspects of the KnowledgeLake Huron update that we believe make us different from other offerings.

    Smarter, More Intuitive Capture 

    We all know how important capture is, but we also know how difficult and frustrating it can be. You may have just built the perfect OCR template for invoices with a particular content services vendor when that vendor changes how they classify and manage invoices. So you have to start all over again.

    Modern capture with our platform works better. KnowledgeLake combines the best of OCR and artificial intelligence (AI) to self-train on document structure for extraction and classification. No longer are users required to manually define zones—the AI knows where they are.

    And as users make early tweaks and improvements to the AI training model, KnowledgeLake learns to make similar adjustments and improvements going forward, ensuring that the platform gets smarter and smarter every time it sees a new document format.

    The upshot is that KnowledgeLake can identify, capture and process practically any document.

    Liberate More of the Data Trapped in Documents

    Identifying the data to be extracted from a document is only the start of the journey. Using that data to optimize business processes and deliver improved efficiencies is where the real value is realized.

    The KnowledgeLake Huron update makes it possible to identify more of the data trapped in more of your documents. Traditional capture technologies have done well with structured or “repetitive” documents such as invoices and purchase orders.

    However, the vast majority of documents coming into an organization are contracts, job applications and thousands of other types of “unstructured” document formats. KnowledgeLake can recognize and extract the data they contain and get the data to wherever it needs to go, or whoever needs to use it.

    Because the KnowledgeLake platform recognizes the type of content being processed, it can intelligently route and enrich that content along with its associated metadata. The platform essentially “liberates” more data that can be rendered, managed and manipulated however the organization needs.

    Low-code/No-code Tools 

    We know that most organizations have one or more workflow systems that are already deeply integrated into their business. The KnowledgeLake Huron update enhances the value of those workflow investments with a rich set of low-code/no-code tools that complement what’s already in place.

    Users can easily configure the key tasks of a workflow process to extend across different applications and departments, making it possible to set and manage routing, submissions and approvals from a single screen. The deep RPA technology embedded within the KnowledgeLake Huron update enables automatic and seamless transfer of data between systems.

    The result? Fully automated document processing integrated into your existing stack and core business processes.

    Learn More

    There is so much more to the KnowledgeLake Huron update than we can describe here. A whole new paradigm for managing work tasks and intelligent document separation of bulk scanned files are just the tip of the iceberg.

    Check out our "What's New" page for more details about the KnowledgeLake Huron update and our other latest features. If you’re interested in going deeper into what the platform can do for your business, contact us


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