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    Enhancing SharePoint Adoption For Document Processing

    Microsoft SharePoint can be molded and shaped into a robust yet easy-to-use collaboration tool, completely transforming the way you work and do business – but only if users embrace the platform and understand how SharePoint adoption can help them.

    According to the report, The Impact of SharePoint – 2016, released by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), 58% of the 274 AIIM members surveyed admitted that SharePoint adoption has been a struggle within their organizations.

    Findings also revealed 40% of participants rated their SharePoint implementation as less than successful. However, this wasn’t due to any perceived shortcomings on SharePoint’s part. Some SharePoint projects stalled or failed due to internal issues such as an absence of support from senior management or hesitancy by users to accept the system because they experienced difficulties as a result of insufficient training.

    It is not the technology that is failing the organization in as much as it is the organization failing the technology. – Bob Larrivee, VP and Chief Analyst of AIIM Market Intelligence

    Organizations reporting strong SharePoint adoption had a focused plan that incorporated change management best practices. They didn’t completely rely on their IT department but instead, cultivated a cross-functional team to work together from the initial purchase through upgrades and expansions. The team’s continual purpose throughout the process was to ensure their SharePoint system and plan addressed user needs while resolving business problems.

    While many businesses struggle with user adoption, they’re not giving up: 58% of organizations are determined to rejuvenate their SharePoint projects by prioritizing user training.

    KnowledgeLake can enhance SharePoint adoption so capture, document processing, indexing, search and retrieval are more productive. Enhancing the user’s experience increases adoption.

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