SharePoint User Adoption: 3 Snags Preventing Success

Is your SharePoint user adoption dwindling?

by KnowledgeLake on Jun 19, 2018

Is your SharePoint user adoption dwindling?

Mention the word, “SharePoint” to a group of users and you’re bound to get an array of growls or grins. Considering the platform is used by 75% of Fortune 500 companies, and that about 200,000 organizations globally make up the SharePoint ecosystem, how can this platform inspire so many grimaces? We did some digging on what is causing SharePoint user adoption to shrink.



Lack of clarity

As with any project, goals for success need to be defined beforehand. Knowing what capabilities SharePoint possesses and it doesn’t, aids the developmental process and sets reasonable expectations.

In this case, ask our SharePoint experts for guidance on how to customize the platform to your organization’s unique requirements. This can prevent a business from investing extra time and resources down the road, or even avoid redesigning the entire system.

Lack of planning

To optimize SharePoint’s capacity, a great deal of planning is required in the beginning. SharePoint is a complex creature. How the platform is set up and deployed determines a successful SharePoint user adoption.

For example, a well-designed taxonomy is paramount, as is the discussion of migrating information from legacy systems into the new one.


Consider using content clean up and migration tools to fix existing data using content analytics. To maintain clean metadata and consistent taxonomies going forward, look to automated classification and tagging tools.

-- Connecting and Optimizing SharePoint whitepaper via AIIM


The version of the platform employed also makes a difference. For example, SharePoint's 2013 version’s development architecture results in a easier experience when creating and deploying applications. The 2016 versions incorporate a number of improvements designed to give users a far better experience.

Lack of user training

Everyone has their own work routines and adapts to new technologies at a different pace. Even if SharePoint is properly planned and implemented to make workers’ duties more efficient, end users and administrators need to learn how to use the new tools. They also need encouragement to change habits and take occasional follow-up classes or 'refresher' courses.

Unfortunately, after the technology is implemented, users aren’t typically provided with proper training or follow-up communication. As a result, SharePoint user adoption wanes and users soon abandon their effort.



Whether users are new to the SharePoint Enterprise Content Management (ECM) world or need a more focused, informative curriculum on our industry leading ECM product portfolio, KnowledgeLake Training Services offer instructor-led and eLearning options to provide the perfect ECM training solution. Our team of training professionals work to define the appropriate training course, method, scope and depth to meet admin and end-user needs.

Fortunately, these issues don't have to impede the success of your SharePoint implementation or even your SharePoint user adoption. KnowledgeLake can help your organization optimize your SharePoint investment to deliver a robust, reliable and scalable enterprise content management experience.

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