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    Revolutionizing Content Management with Intuitive AI

    According to a recent Deloitte study, more than 50% of organizations have set their sights on integrating AI and automation technologies into their operations this year. Regardless of your opinion of how automation will transform the world, it’s clear that these technologies are a necessity that organizations can’t delay adopting for much longer. By optimizing workflows and eliminating unnecessary complexities in processes, organizations can redirect their focus to strengthening core competencies, enhancing customer experience, and propelling overall growth.

    That's where KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions come in. Recently launched as an extension of the KnowledgeLake ECM platform, the suite of solutions is designed to revolutionize how organizations tackle complex business challenges. Powered by Intuitive AI, KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions are specifically crafted to optimize a wide range of processes, tasks, and workflows across industries and use cases, including but not limited to account onboarding, student enrollment, and invoice processing.

    Designed to be used out of the box, these solutions help you quickly and easily achieve new levels of efficiency through your most important use cases. Let’s explore the four key features that make up KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions:

    1. Intuitive AI

    At the core of KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions is Intuitive AI, which powers the entire KnowledgeLake ECM platform. This cutting-edge technology allows you to achieve secure and highly accurate document intelligence. Intuitive AI automatically summarizes, interprets, and extracts information from any document within seconds. It's like having a super-smart assistant that can handle document processing with ease.

    1. Workflow Engine

    One of the standout features of KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions is the enhanced workflow engine. Built with APIs in mind, this powerful engine offers flexibility and ease of use, allowing your people to design tailored workflows quickly and easily. Whether you’re onboarding new hires or processing loan applications, the workflow engine brings a level of digital efficiency to pretty much any use case.

    1. Customer Experience Portal

    Providing an outstanding customer experience is another critical aspect of modern business success. It’s no question that today’s customers expect self-service and visibility into the process from the companies they do business with. That's why we’ve included the Customer Experience Portal in the KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions suite. The portal allows you to include customers in external business processes, letting them actively participate with total visibility in the process by completing tasks such as uploading documents or answering questions.

    1. Instant Pro-Forms

    Data collection from customers and external users is also simplified with Instant Pro-Forms. The user-friendly drag-and-drop designer allows your employees—regardless of development skill level—to build and customize forms to gather the necessary information for initiating internal or external business processes. This seamless data collection process saves time and reduces errors.

    KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions integrate closely with other applications for various use cases across industries, including government, financial services, education, and healthcare. Built on major cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and AWS, the KnowledgeLake platform offers unlimited storage, robust security, and privacy.

    Ultimately, we hope that KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions can help organizations quickly and easily modernize their most important processes while achieving sustainable growth in today's increasingly automated business landscape.

    Check out this page to learn more about how StreamLine Solutions can help transform your business processes.

    If you’re ready to StreamLine your business, reach out now to schedule a conversation.

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