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    KnowledgeLake is Making a Splash

    Those of you who know KnowledgeLake are well aware that we tend not to toot our own horn very much. However, a series of exceptional recent achievements compels me to make an exception.

    Over the past month, KnowledgeLake launched a sweeping update to our platform that delivers enhanced business value to our customers in key areas. This latest iteration brings a new level of simplicity and ease of use to intelligent document processing software, setting KnowledgeLake apart from our competitors.

    Our platform is the only single-vendor, fully cloud-native solution that’s not only easy to use and deploy but also delivers rapid ROI. In addition, we’ve been formally recognized as a major contender within our industry, and our partner program continues to expand and gain strength.

    Any of these achievements would be a cause for celebration on their own. To have them all come along in such a short timeframe is an incredible achievement, a testament to the skills of our team and our desire to exceed the expectations of our customers.

    Diving into Tahoe


    Just like the lake it is named for, the “Tahoe” update to the KnowledgeLake platform is deep and diverse. This exciting product update represents a new era in the development of our platform and brings a new level of simplicity to intelligent document processing.

    The array of new features we’ve added is too lengthy to cover in this short blog, but significant highlights for me are the addition of new limitless repository options, a new RPA Design Studio, and our fully managed SaaS offering.

    Full details of the Tahoe release can be found here.

    The new repository options include the all-new KnowledgeLake Content Services, which is hosted in a highly secure SOC2 compliant data center that is Microsoft and Azure Gov Cloud-approved. KnowledgeLake can manage this unlimited repository for you, including disaster recovery and maintenance. Customers also can bring their own storage (“BYOS”) to the mix, if they wish to continue using existing storage solutions.

    The new managed SaaS offering gives customers who desire pure results a turn-key way to use KnowledgeLake without the need to devote precious internal resources to implementation, administration, and learning. The offering brings KnowledgeLake one step closer to our vision of being a single-vendor solution focused on providing fast, high ROI to our customers.  

    These continued improvements show our dedication to delivering the best and most complete solution for intelligent document processing (IDP), both now and in the future.

    A New Major Contender in the PEAK Matrix


    Further proof of this dedication is Everest Group’s latest PEAK Matrix®Assessment for the IDP landscape. This latest ranking, which is the definitive evaluation of intelligent document processing software companies, has confirmed KnowledgeLake’s position as a “Major Contender” within the industry.

    Everest Group evaluated 36 different IDP technology providers’ capabilities and offerings. Their annual assessment is designed to act as a benchmark and help buyers make informed choices. The Major Contender tag for KnowledgeLake recognizes our vision, roadmap and continued investment as a complete IDP cloud platform available for processing organizations’ most important documents.

    Looking to the Future


    The latest version of the KnowledgeLake platform represents our commitment to the success of our customers, who we consider to be long-term partners. We continue to work closely with our customers to deliver the features they need to work smarter and more productively.

    Above all else, the recognition KnowledgeLake has earned over recent months is a reward for the determination and passion of the people who drive our business forward every single day.

    The dedication and vision of our team reflects all that is good about KnowledgeLake. And it explains why our future is even brighter.

    For a long time, we have been going quietly about our business…delivering an exceptional cloud platform with personalized attention to every customer without causing too many ripples on the lake. The world is beginning to realize how much of an impact KnowledgeLake is making in the IDP market and in customers’ businesses.

    KnowledgeLake is busy making one heck of a splash. Don’t be afraid to stop by and stick your toes in the water!


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