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    BAI Webinar: Why Shared Services Are Your Superpower

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    DATE: November 30, 2022
    TIME: 1:00 - 2:00 PM CT

    Banks and credit unions have traditionally operated within strictly defined customer-facing service lines. While this division of labor and responsibility makes for safe and tidy operational compartments, it also creates an environment that's slow to evolve, hamstrung by inconsistent customer and employee experiences, inefficient, and prone to error.

    Banks and credit unions need to step outside their comfort zone and adopt a shared services mindset that leverages consistent and accurate customer information across service lines while maximizing limited human capital.

    Join us for this conversation to learn why shared services are instrumental for banks and credit unions in staying agile, innovative and competitive in today's era of disruption.

    Key takeaways:

    • Siloed operations is a strategy for fighting the last war for the customer's business. It involves too much duplicate work and rework.
    • Shared services allow every department to work from the same set of documents and accurate data. Processing a document once then re-purposing it anywhere in the bank is a force multiplier that enables you to do more with less.
    • How regional banks, community banks and credit unions can get started in creating their own shared services infrastructure to empower workers and better serve customers.

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