Robotic Process Automation

Let the bots empower users to do what you hired them to do. With RPA as a service, you can automate manual, repetitive tasks and easily integrate systems.

Power processes with RPA as a service

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a collection of technologies that enable software robots (bots) to perform repetitive tasks normally performed by people. Predictable and structured activities like invoice and order processing or employee onboarding are automatically completed, freeing up your staff for higher value tasks.

The benefits of KnowledgeLake's robotic process automation technology

Automate manual tasks

Reduce the need for manual processing and empower users to manage errors in the automated flow—no need to involve IT for every exception.

Reduce connectivity complexity

Limit the complexity and risk involved with traditional integration methods. Leverage RPA to connect content management tools to line-of-business systems while continuing to support business logic controls often baked into the user interface (and subverted by API integrations).

Innovate quickly and easily

Administrators automate and improve key processes using a single web-based portal for tasks like monitoring, execution, scheduling, and updating of all bots.


We enable RPA with “bots”: autonomous computer programs that can interact with computer systems or users to perform simple and repetitive tasks that would be time-consuming, mundane, or impossible for a human to perform. Bots are trained to automate this work of end users and can learn from watching what users do on their desktop while performing corrections and tasks, automatically reading the data and learning the process as it is in action.


Attended Bots

Attended bots are useful for many front-office activities when the entire end-to-end process can’t be automated. By working alongside their human counterparts, they are a valuable tool for increasing an individual worker’s productivity.


Unattended Bots

Unattended bots execute tasks and interact with applications independent of human involvement. These autonomous bots can be triggered by events or they can be scheduled and work effectively in high-volume, highly repetitive processes.

Our attended and unattended bots are the RPA tool of choice if you are looking to automate processes such as:


Accounts payable and accounts receivable

Human Resources

Employee on-boarding

Medical Records

Medical record creation and updates

Customer Managing

New customer creation and provisioning


The right tool for your job

KnowledgeLake RPA allows you to integrate any Windows, browser, or legacy system with any other application, data source, or custom API without having to make changes to your application or requiring cooperation from the application’s vendor. We offer an enterprise class suite of attended and unattended bot technologies, ensuring you have the right tool for the job. That, coupled with the experience of KnowledgeLake architects who’ve worked on hundreds of projects of all shapes and sizes backed by a proven methodology, guarantees your project’s success.

There are no limitations on how simple or robust an automation can be, nor on accessing external data sources, APIs, web services, etc. Pure API-based integrations remove end users from the process, which means IT must get involved anytime there is an exception. Not the case with KnowledgeLake RPA, which ensures that, if it works manually for a user, it will work for a bot.

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