The KnowledgeLake Platform

With the most extensible content services platform available, the sky is no longer the limit.


Single point of entry for content from any source, in any format. Automatically classify and capture documents and relevant data to fuel your business processes.


A one-two punch of transactional workflows and robotic process automation to reduce manual tasks and improve efficiency.


A consumer-like, unified user experience across all content management systems for optimized access to critical business documents.

The only cloud-native platform for capturing, processing, and managing your most critical business content

Invoices, employee files, applications and supporting documents flood your organization, but there’s no easy way to get them into a document management system. And, once in, this transactional content is hard to find when you need it. Too often, these problems are addressed in silos, with each department deploying its own solution.

The KnowledgeLake Platform solves transactional content management challenges across the enterprise with consumer-like content services that seamlessly extend the capabilities in which you’ve already invested, or easily combine with new systems and processes.

KnowledgeLake is the only cloud content services platform that incorporates machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA). By powering content classification and capture with machine learning and deploying RPA to bypass even the most stubborn integration challenges, the platform brings unprecedented digital dexterity to content management.

Benefits of the Knowledgelake Platform

Regardless of where you store your content, KnowledgeLake makes interacting with that data easier and more effective. 

Leverage what you have in place

Immediate, automated bi-directional connectivity to the metadata and processes already established in SharePoint Online or any line of business system.

Solve all transactional content challenges

Deploy platform capabilities as needed for any business process. Mix and match services under a unified user experience.

Automate more processes with RPA

Combine automated workflow with robotic process automation, and you free up users from more manual tasks than ever possible.

Quick user adoption

Business users thrive with flexible content services architected for the cloud and delivered via lightweight, user-engaged interfaces and web-based applications.

See immediate value

Trade long, complicated implementations for up and running in days. Configure centrally, share globally.

Pay only for what you use

Predictable annual spend. Unlimited users​ and infinitely scalable consumption at transaction-based pricing.

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Conventional wisdom tells us it’s fruitless to try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Why, then, do businesses continue to store their most critical content—invoices, insurance claims, financial documents, signed contracts, and the like—in content management systems designed for collaboration?

More than 2 million users across 35 countries

What can you do with the KnowledgeLake Platform?


Automate document capture and classification.


Connect to any system and power your production workflows.


Centralize and secure your business-critical content in the cloud.


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