Transforming the way business is done

Working with an ecosystem of diverse partners, KnowledgeLake transforms the way organizations tackle their document processing and management practices. When joining forces with these best-in-class companies, we not only offer incredible value but empower enterprises to solve real business problems and amplify productivity.


KnowledgeLake: Four-Time Microsoft Partner of the Year

Since its beginnings in 1999, KnowledgeLake has leveraged Microsoft’s ever-modern technology stack to extend enterprise content management solutions to its customers and partners. In 2018, Microsoft invited KnowledgeLake to be a charter member of its Content Services Preferred Partner Program for capture, workflow, and migration based on our depth of experience with SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and Office 365. After vetting many vendors, KnowledgeLake was chosen by Microsoft as one of only eleven partners to be charter members of this program.

KnowledgeLake’s cloud-native platform leverages Microsoft Azure and its best-of-breed PaaS offerings, allowing us to deliver a next-generation content services platform built on trusted, secure technologies. We enable the Microsoft partner ecosystem with tools that extend the value of the Microsoft technologies that are core to their business for the benefit of all Microsoft customers.

Read more about the KnowledgeLake-Microsoft partnership in this press release.

Our Partners

Built with the partner channel in mind, KnowledgeLake’s cloud-native, open standards platform strength is in its robust SDK and collaboration-friendly extensibility. KnowledgeLake seeks out partners that are talented, trusted organizations that share our passion for delivering modern solutions to support our joint clients’ evolving needs.