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    KnowledgeLake Intelligent Document Capture and Processing Platform Now Available via Canadian Microsoft Azure Data Centers

    KnowledgeLake, a leading provider of content automation solutions, today announced that the company’s cloud-native platform for intelligent document processing is now available via Microsoft Azure data centers in Canada.

    Government agencies, financial services firms, educational institutions, and many other organizations are required to store and manage customer and personal information in the same region where the content is acquired. By leveraging Microsoft Azure data centers in Canada, KnowledgeLake customers can help ensure regulatory compliance while also benefitting from increased speed and performance.

    “Many of our customers in Canada, and in other parts of the world, have very strict compliance and security requirements for where sensitive information must reside,” said Ron Cameron, CEO of KnowledgeLake. “The ability to host KnowledgeLake on Microsoft Azure data centers in Canada enables Canadian enterprises to adhere to regulatory mandates, and also unlocks opportunities for them to expand internationally. For multinational corporations, our new Azure instance allows them to pursue growth and innovation in the Canadian market in a compliant manner.”

    Canada is a high-growth market with a strong business focus on accelerating cloud adoption. Major cloud players such as Microsoft have increased investments in Canada to accommodate this demand.

    “Many of the Canadian companies we work with are looking to modernize their systems, and they will benefit from the ability to accelerate their evolution from legacy on-premises document imaging and document management systems to a truly cloud-native platform to capture, process, and manage their most important documents,” added Cameron.

    About KnowledgeLake
    KnowledgeLake is a leader in intelligent capture and document process automation. KnowledgeLake is the only end-to-end, fully cloud-native solution for document processing, enabling organizations to capture, process and manage their content through a single platform. Two million users worldwide rely on KnowledgeLake to work faster and more efficiently by automating repetitive tasks and mastering workflow. For more information, visit



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