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    KnowledgeLake Adds DataBank to its Fast-Growing Partner Program

    KnowledgeLake, a leading provider of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions, today announced that the company has added DataBank, a Kyocera Group Company, to its fast-growing partner program.

    DataBank is a proven data activation and process improvement firm that serves customers across various industries, including government, manufacturing, financial services, and others. The company works with its clients to analyze and re-engineer core processes, improve the intersections of humans and technology, and solve underlying organizational pain points. By joining the KnowledgeLake partner program, DataBank will be able to deliver advanced document classification and data extraction tools that meet the needs of their customer base.

    “Now more than ever, our customers are looking to improve their document capture process and achieve greater automation,” said Matt Charlson, CEO of DataBank. “They want a cloud-native solution that is fast and simple to deploy, easy to use, and capable of managing sophisticated workflow within the MS Azure environment. We’ve partnered with KnowledgeLake because its intelligent document processing platform delivers exactly that.”

    As part of the partnership, DataBank also plans to utilize KnowledgeLake in its production centers to help ensure higher levels of data accuracy on customer projects.

    “Many of our customer projects involve mission and time-critical applications, so the accuracy of the data we deliver is a top priority. Implementations also need to be rolled out quickly so that our customers realize efficiencies very soon after making their investment. With KnowledgeLake being deployed within the MS Azure environment, our customers can be assured that their solution is robust, secure, and leverages best-of-breed technology,” added Charlson.

    “We are thrilled to welcome DataBank to our partner program. They set the bar for innovative delivery of digital transformation solutions,” said Ron Cameron, CEO, KnowledgeLake. “KnowledgeLake and Databank are both committed to working with our customers as a trusted partner to help them convert data into valuable information, modernize processes, and drive strategic growth.”

    For more information on the KnowledgeLake platform and how to join the company’s growing partner program, visit

    About DataBank
    DataBank, a Kyocera Group Company, is a data activation and process improvement firm partnering with government, healthcare, and private sector clients to create efficiencies, power automation, enable strategic decision making, and ultimately better serve stakeholders. Learn more at

    About KnowledgeLake
    KnowledgeLake is a worldwide leader in intelligent capture and process automation. KnowledgeLake is the only end-to-end, fully cloud-native solution for document processing, enabling organizations to capture, process, and manage their content in a single platform. The company combines intelligent document capture and robotic process automation (RPA) to increase productivity. Two million users worldwide employ KnowledgeLake to work faster and more efficiently. For more information, visit



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