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    The Intelligent Solution for Microsoft 365 Document Management

    With more than 20 years of experience, we help organizations capture, process, and manage documents in the Microsoft family of applications. KnowledgeLake works seamlessly with the Microsoft Cloud to give you the most complete document automation solution available.

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    5-Time Microsoft Partner of the Year

    Work with the best, most advanced, and most secure document processing tools for the Microsoft cloud.

    • Automatically capture documents in any format
    • Feed documents and their data directly to your Microsoft applications
    • Easily find and retrieve documents in SharePoint

    With Knowledgelake, Make your existing Microsoft investment more intelligent, more powerful, and more valuable.

    The Only Solution You Need for Microsoft 365 Document Management

    KnowledgeLake complements your existing Microsoft investment with a new level of functionality.

    Adapt & Scale

    KnowledgeLake fits any Microsoft 365 footprint. Leverage powerful tools regardless of your document processing volume, or what applications you use. Scale up or down as you see fit.

    Easy Sharing, Easy Retrieval

    Easily and securely share documents with internal and external teams at the click of a button. Anyone working within any Microsoft application can instantly retrieve whatever document they need and auto-populate forms without leaving their screen.

    Maximum Cloud Security

    KnowledgeLake is built on Azure and delivered via single tenant. Your documents and information are protected by the world’s most advanced cloud security infrastructure.

    Consolidate Storage

    Bring all of your documents together into one searchable repository. KnowledgeLake’s easy integration with Microsoft 365 means you don’t have to rip and replace. Use your existing SharePoint deployment or KnowledgeLake’s own unlimited storage solution.

    Essential Guide to O365 SPO Teams page 1Knock down information silos and empower your teams for maximum productivity.

    The Essential Guide to Document Management for Microsoft 365

    Microsoft Office 365 is the go-to productivity platform for organizations across the globe, Microsoft Teams is the fast-growing communication platform, and SharePoint is the widely recognized de-facto backend of Office, Teams, and Power Automate. Learn how to synchronize them all for document management nirvana.

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    Partner with KnowledgeLake to enhance your Microsoft deployment with powerful document automation capabilities.