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    KnowledgeLake: A Great Alternative to Hyland OnBase

    KnowledgeLake's Cloud-native design and strong integration with the Microsoft ecosystem make it a great choice for organizations looking for a modern, AI powered enterprise automation platform.

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    Cloud-native Solution

    KnowledgeLake is designed as a Cloud-native platform, which is a significant advantage for organizations looking to leverage the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing.

    This Cloud-first approach allows for seamless integration with other cloud services and provides the benefit of regular updates and enhancements without the need for extensive on-premise infrastructure.

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    Strong Integration with the Microsoft Ecosystem

    KnowledgeLake offers robust integration with Microsoft's suite of products like SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses already entrenched in the Microsoft ecosystem.

    The integration allows for smoother workflow, easier content management, and enhanced collaboration within the tools many employees are already familiar with.

    "The real labor savings came from getting the invoices from the email inbox to the clerks so they can send them to the right person to review and then three-way match them in our ERP system. It’s been a significant reduction in labor costs."

    TJ Dennis | CIO, Wilson Trailer

    "The new system has significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes users to complete a process end to end and is generally quick and easy to use."

    Rishi Gulhar | Enterprise Services Team, Montgomery County Maryland

    "When drivers deliver freight, they have proof of delivery documents that have to be automated and oftentimes we’re unable to bill our customers without that documentation. Automating that allows us to get from order to cash much more quickly. And then we’re able to take those people and capitalize on their skills someplace else."

    Anonymous | VP of Information Technology, National Transportation Services Provider

    Elevate Your Operational Efficiency

    Learn why KnowledgeLake's Intuitive AI powered enterprise automation platform is a great Hyland OnBase alternative.