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    Next-Gen Intelligent Capture Software, Built for You

    Forget everything you know about traditional capture tools. KnowledgeLake’s intelligent capture is highly accurate, reliable, easy to implement, and easy to use. Never worry about errors, omissions, and missing documents again.

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    Get It Right, Right from the Start

    Capture is the critical origination point of all document processing and automated workflows, so we understand how important it is to get it right. KnowledgeLake’s intelligent capture software identifies, digitizes, and “captures” any document in any format from any device. 


    Work Better, Go Faster

    Let’s face it: nobody ever raised their hand to receive, organize, and process an endless stream of documents. We know your people have better things to do. KnowledgeLake’s intuitive intelligent capture software is designed to be fully operational within days or even hours. As soon as our intelligent capture is set up, it gets to work processing your organization’s most important documents with reliable accuracy, eliminating errors and inconsistencies. 

    The KnowledgLake Difference

    KnowledgeLake’s modern cloud-native capture uses a blend of OCR, pattern recognition, and text-based image recognition. It’s a cloud-based answer to capture that is faster and simpler to implement than traditional capture solutions.

    Complete Data Extraction KnowledgeLake identifies and extracts the exact data you need from each and every document. The solution is ready out of the box to capture text, handwriting, signatures, checkmarks, and more.
    Reliable Accuracy

    Our cloud-based capture tech results in unbelievably accurate results, eliminating the errors that occur with traditional data entry and empowering you to act on your insights with confidence.

    Machine Learning

    KnowledgeLake’s intelligent capture software learns as it goes, enabling it to recognize new document profiles and get smarter with each new document it analyzes.

    Automatic Document Classification

    Our intelligent capture classifies documents into different document types, even recognizing and classifying the types of pages within each document.

    The 4 Advantages of Intelligent Capture

    KnowledgeLake’s intelligent capture tech can help push your document management processes to new heights.

    "All cognitive capture products do much the same thing: capture documents and process them through a workflow. But they also typically require a lot of time to design, integrate, implement, and maintain. KnowledgeLake Cloud has bundled and built all these parts and pieces into a single cloud platform that is exceptionally easy to use."

    Alan Pelz Sharpe | Founder & Chief Analyst, Deep Analysis

    "Capturing mission-critical data with speed and accuracy is crucial for decision-making and process automation. Our partnership with KnowledgeLake enhances our ability to deliver an intelligent, ultra-high-volume content processing solution to customers who need to automate critical business functions such as accounts payable and receivable, claims processing, loan and mortgage applications, case management, HR onboarding, and a host of other use cases."

    Martin Birch | CEO, ibml

    "The ability to auto-upload into KnowledgeLake rather than manually uploading individual pieces of mail has improved the quality of our claim documentation. "

    Anonymous | Claims Manager, Travel Insurance Provider

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