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    Experience Information Nirvana

    Knock down information silos to let your documents and data flow unrestricted. KnowledgeLake integrates and works seamlessly with your existing business applications and systems.

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    A Roadmap to Adaptive and Agile Information Management

    KnowledgeLake’s easy implementation and ability to integrate with any business application means you can get started with intelligent document processing quickly and painlessly. Explore the best way to get started with intelligent document processing.

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    Integration Made Easy

    No need to rip and replace. KnowledgeLake fits seamlessly into your existing technology environment.

    Fast Configuration KnowledgeLake is easy to implement and configure, so you can begin reaping the benefits of intelligent document processing in hours or days – not weeks or months.
    Stick with Your Stack

    Get started with intelligent document processing without any disruptive change to your existing technology or processes. 

    No More Information Silos

    KnowledgeLake’s proprietary RPA automatically routes data wherever you need it to go, breaking down the information silos that create friction and inefficiency in your business.

    Get Applications Talking to Each Other

    KnowledgeLake integrates with just about any business application or platform. Our proprietary RPA automatically routes data between applications, allowing information to flow seamlessly throughout your organization.

    "Integration with Workday, which contains basically all our master information about active employees, was a huge benefit."

    Anonymous | IT Senior Analyst, 5-Star Regional Hospital System

    "There has always been a desire to get rid of paper and go digital. With the agency utilizing SharePoint, we had a great start to go in this direction but were missing the scanning, indexing, and search retrieval part of the equation. By adding the KnowledgeLake platform, we were able to bridge the gap on the pieces that were missing in SharePoint to help make going digital a reality."

    Virdis Gamble | Productivity Services Manager, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

    "We have found the KnowledgeLake systems to be very reliable and the support to be extremely responsive ... KnowledgeLake’s Cloud and new API offering show they are committed to improving and establishing themselves as our go-forward partner."

    Danny Knudsen | Vice President and Solution Design & Development Director, Vantage Bank Texas

    Information is the Lifeblood of Your Organization

    Work with KnowledgeLake to get documents and data flowing seamlessly throughout your organization.