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    Intelligent Document Processing for Government Agencies

    Tame document chaos and do more with less by automating critical document processes within our government electronic document management solution. Make your team more efficient across government offices and departments.

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    The Power of KnowledgeLake

    KnowledgeLake’s intelligent document processing automatically ingests, digitizes, indexes, and categorizes any document in any format. AI extracts the needed data from each document and routes it to the right people directly in the correct application, and our unlimited document storage makes it easy to retrieve vital information. The result is that government employees are free to spend more time focusing on the issues central to their agency’s mission.

    KnowledgeLake Changes the Way You Work. For the Better.

    Eliminate stress and accelerate public service delivery with intelligent document processing housed in our government electronic document management system.

    "There has always been a desire to get rid of paper and go digital. With the agency utilizing SharePoint, we had a great start to go in this direction but were missing the scanning, indexing, and search retrieval part of the equation. By adding the KnowledgeLake platform, we were able to bridge the gap on the pieces that were missing in SharePoint to help make going digital a reality."

    Virdis Gamble | Productivity Services Manager, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

    "Searching documents before could sometimes take hours if not days, assuming the document could be found. Now it just takes seconds. That let’s our staff concentrate on providing more valuable services to the public."

    Ed Bagsik | Program Analyst, Santa Clara County

    "The new system has significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes users to complete a process end to end and is generally quick and easy to use."

    Rishi Gulhar | Enterprise Services Team, Montgomery County Maryland

    "Your team is very responsive and extremely helpful whenever we seek any assistance. We deal with many vendors, and I can say that your team is truly the BEST when it comes to customer service!"

    Jospehine Tao | CTO, Montgomery County Maryland

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    Partner with us to realize a new level of efficiency and a better way to work. Harmonize your agency’s or department’s information with powerful, efficient document automation solutions.