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    Legacy ECM Migration

    ECM Migration: Modernize without the Pain

    Make the move away from your legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system without a big, painful migration project. With two-plus decades of migration experience, KnowledgeLake is an expert at seamless ECM migrations.

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    Migration, Your Way

    Forget everything you thought you knew about system migrations. KnowledgeLake eliminates the pain typically associated with ECM migration by working with you to build a roadmap that fits your needs. No disruptive ripping and replacing necessary. Learn why having an agile migration plan is key in our guide to ECM modernization. 

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    Boost performance. Reduce costs. Resolve headaches.

    There’s a better way to work. KnowledgeLake is an experienced partner who can help you escape the drag of legacy ECM systems.

    Free Yourself from Maintenance Costs

    Managing and maintaining legacy ECM is a drain on your business, your people, and your patience. KnowledgeLake’s scalability, subscription-model pricing, and cloud-native architecture eliminates the high cost and complexity of maintaining legacy systems. 

    Find Your Speed

    Don’t want to migrate all your legacy content at once? Not a problem. Our expert team works with you to build a custom ECM migration roadmap that suits your plans and resources. 

    Proven Experience

    Over two-plus decades, KnowledgeLake has migrated more than 450 million documents from 30+ legacy ECM platforms. Our methodology is based on proven best practices, concepts, tools and utilities that can be adapted to a migration of any size or complexity. 

    Break Free from Legacy ECM

    Work with a migration partner you can trust. We’ll help you make a smooth transition to modern document management.