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    A Proven Process

    Create an ECM Content Migration Plan with a Partner You Can Trust

    KnowledgeLake has spent years developing and proving our ECM document migration process in just about every environment you can think of. Read on to understand how we help you achieve a successful migration.

    Our Migration Work Has Spanned Just About Every Industry and ECM System

    1 B More than 1B documents migrated
    30 + # of ECM systems where KnowledgeLake has hands-on experience
    100 s of organizations served
    Blank 1200 x 800 (11)-1

    Why Work with KnowledgeLake?

    KnowledgeLake has more than 20 years of ECM migration experience. We've successfully migrated more than a billion documents from more than 30 legacy ECM systems. We hold your hand every step of the way. And no job is finished until every piece of content is validated.

    Not every migration is the same.

    KnowledgeLake evaluates every aspect of your current ECM and the state of yoru content to determine the best way forward.

    Low Complexity

    A like-for-like migration, such as moving from an older version of SharePoint to a newer version, or to a newer content repository.

    • No real changes in structure, metadata, or permissions
    • Little filtering - most files moved like for like
    • No document conversions or transformations
    Medium Complexity

    Migration that involves some or all of the following:

    • Migration between different systems
    • Partial migration of content based on certain metadata or search results
    • Conversion of certain documents to different formats, e.g., scanned TIFF images to PDF
    • Transformation or enrichment of some metadata elements, e.g., adding new metadata fields, or updating certain metadata
    High Complexity

    Highly complex migrations can take many different forms. These may include:

    • Migration and aggregation of content and metadata between multiple different systems
    • High levels of content enrichment, e.g., adding full text indexes on all files
    • High levels of metadata enrichment, e.g., using AI to classify content during migration
    • Metadata validation and enrichment against external databases
    • Migration based on complex rules, e.g., using retention rules to only transfer relevant content

    Understanding Our Process

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