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    Customer Onboarding Software for Banks and Credit Unions

    Accelerate account activation and turn customer experience into your competitive advantage with intelligent document processing.

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    Banks and Credit Unions Rely on KnowledgeLake

    Are you ready for 100% digital onboarding?

    Onboarding new customers and increasing deposits should be cause for celebration. But slow, outdated and difficult onboarding techniques can harm your reputation and lead to customer churn. Statistics show that up to 63% of new customers will abandon a financial sign-up process if it becomes too arduous.

    KnowledgeLake eliminates barriers to account activation with customer onboarding software for banks and credit unions. KnowledgeLake digitizes and automates the collection and management of key documents such as new account applications, identification paperwork, loan data, and more. The result? Less customer abandonment, built-in compliance, and happier employees and customers.

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    Deliver a Better Customer Experience

    First impressions count. Make the right one with customer onboarding software that does the heavy lifting of data entry and puts information exactly where it needs to go. No repeat calls or onboarding hassles.

    Increase Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

    Your account managers should be advisors, not paper pushers. Let them focus on higher value tasks. Leave document management to the technology for fewer errors and effective compliance.

    Accelerate New Account Opening Timelines

    Automate document collection and data entry to reduce gaps and latency between steps. Capture and index documents from the start. You’ll see customers onboarded faster and with fewer errors.

    Use KnowledgeLake to:

    • Automatically embed Know Your Customer / Know your Business (KYC/KYB) checks for all incoming documents
    • Set up complete workflows that streamline multi-step operations and eliminate errors with RPA and robotic desktop automation (RDA)
    • Set automated alerts when new applications get stuck
    • Enable teams to locate key information with a single click without leaving their application or workspace
    • Establish a single and centralized document hub where information only enters the organization once, ensuring consistency and accuracy

    A Faster, More Reliable Customer Onboarding Experience

    Compete more effectively against “born in the cloud” fintech providers with a modern and compliant approach to data collection, management and storage. Our customer onboarding software works with your existing banking and line of business systems to capture documents and extract the information they contain. Then data and documents are routed where they are needed, eliminating document chaos and simplifying multi-step sign-up processes. 

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    Streamline Customer Onboarding with KnowledgeLake

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    Enhance customer onboarding with cloud-native software:

    • Easy for teams to learn and use
    • Integrates with any core banking system
    • SOC2 compliant