Learn About KnowledgeLake: The Intelligent Content Automation Company

We provide content management solutions that help organizations intelligently automate their most important document processes.

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We got our start two decades ago when we set out to make the most-used document management system, Microsoft SharePoint, better at processing transactional content. We figured that business functions like Finance, HR, and Claims should be able to get content in and out of SharePoint just as easily as their colleagues from other departments. And, in 2003, we released the first document processing solution built on the SharePoint platform.

Today, we focus on helping our customers win at processing their transactional content in the cloud. That means removing longstanding constraints around data classification and capture, content searchability, and system integration, to name a few. The cloud has given us the capability to address these age-old challenges in a new way—not just for our 2 million licensed users on SharePoint but for organizations using any document management system or content repository.


KnowledgeLake: Four-Time Microsoft Partner of the Year

Since its beginning in 1999, Knowledgelake has been a trusted Microsoft partner. Learn more about our partnership.


KnowledgeLake: Four-Time Microsoft Partner of the Year

Since its beginning in 1999, Knowledgelake has been a trusted Microsoft partner. Learn more about our partnership.

Meet the Advisory Board

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Ron Cameron

Founder / Board Member


Throughout his 30-year career, Ron has been known as a serial entrepreneur and an avid student of leadership; discovering early on that the secret to making a successful business is hiring amazing people and then providing a culture that challenges them to grow and prosper.

In 2001, Ron and his business partner Bob Bueltmann launched a new company called KnowledgeLake with the sole focus of being the first mover to bring ECM functionality to the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

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Kevin Terrasi

Investor / Board Member


Kevin Terrasi has more than 20 years of experience in management positions in technical, operations, and business development areas. Kevin is now a Partner at Plymouth Growth Partners.

Kevin began his relationship with Plymouth Growth as a senior executive of Pump Engineering, one of Plymouth’s Fund I investments. He was a core member of the leadership team that executed the growth plan and ultimately sold the business in 2009 to Energy Recovery Inc., one of Plymouth’s most successful exits to date.

Montgomery Kersten

Montgomery Kersten

Board Advisor


Montgomery Kersten has worked as an executive in sales, marketing, business development, legal affairs, and M&A at prominent technology companies and start-ups for 35 years.

He currently serves as an independent board member, investor, and advisor of private, development-stage companies based in Silicon Valley. 

Montgomery is the co-founder and former CEO of VitalSigns Software (later acquired).


Mark Brazeau

Board Advisor


Mark Brazeau has over 25 years of experience in the information technology industry. He is the founder and CEO of SkySync. Prior to founding SkySync, Mark founded and served as CEO of BlueThread Technologies, the creators of SmartDesk: a configurable ECM application framework built on Microsoft SharePoint.

Previously, Mark was Senior Vice President of Sales and Product Marketing at KnowledgeLake. Mark was also the founder and CEO of MediaVision, an electronic arts company. Mark holds several ECM-related technical certifications and earned numerous awards for audio design and engineering as the co-founder and former CEO of FutureSound.


Ian Story

Board Advisor


Ian Story has over 10 years of leadership experience within Fortune 100 companies such as IBM and JPMorgan Chase. He currently serves as a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft.

His roles have included senior management, development, design, installation, support, and documentation of complex systems—including Enterprise Content Management (ECM)—software development and delivery, architecture, and general management of both business and technical employees and teams. 


Ralph Gammon

Board Advisor


Ralph Gammon has over 20 years of experience in the document imaging software industry. He provides premier coverage and analysis of the document capture and image management market.

Ralph currently serves as president of Document Imaging Consulting Services. He is also the editor and publisher of Document Imaging Report – a semi-monthly publication covering news and trends in the maturing document imaging hardware and software markets. 


Harvey Spencer

Board Advisor


Harvey Spencer has over 40 years of experience in the information technology industry gained through systems analysis, programming, and strategic planning. In 1989, he founded Harvey Spencer Associates to offer marketing services to companies focused on document-related capture.

He now serves as the Vice President of Infosource's Software Division, which acquired HSA in 2019.

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Martin Birch

Board Advisor


Martin is an experienced CEO, board member, and mentor in the information technology and services industry. He is the CEO and President of ibml and serves as the Chairman of the AIIM Board of Directors.

Previously, Martin spent 11 years with Kodak-Alaris and Kodak Ltd., as Managing Director of Document Imaging in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Russia and most recently as General Manager of Information Management in the United States and Canada.

Meet the Leadership Team

Our leadership team carries decades of experience driving growth and profitability while staying focused on solving real problems for real people.

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Ron Cameron

Chief Executive Officer


Ron is responsible for creating KnowledgeLake’s vision to deliver clients incredible value and reduced risk when managing their organization’s most important document processes.  He supports our customers by developing a collaborative, client-focused culture and ensuring we invest our time to develop powerful client solutions. When Ron launched KnowledgeLake in 2001, he focused on being the first mover to deliver specialized Enterprise Content Management capabilities to market. 


Robin Heisler

Vice President, Finance & Operations


Robin is responsible for developing internal controls and operational processes to ensure smooth customer transactions. She is accountable for developing a supportive, collaborative culture managing KnowledgeLake’s Accounting and Human Resources. Robin brings external audit, compliance, and HR leadership experience to the KnowledgeLake team.


Brad Porter

Chief Technology Officer


Brad is responsible for identifying disruptive technology that can be used to deliver innovative software that clients and partners love. He is an industry veteran in designing and building Enterprise Content Management software. He has a passion for engineering execution, including continuous improvement of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Brad translates complex technical constructs into enterprise-wide knowledge and understanding while facilitating activities that build an organizational culture of learning and innovation.  


Christy Gary

Vice President, Client Success


Christy has been in the Enterprise Content Management industry for over 22 years. She has a background as a customer of KnowledgeLake and as an ECM Administrator for over 12 years. In 2008, she joined the KnowledgeLake team in our Professional Services and has served as a Developer Consultant, Solution Architect, Project Manager, Director, and now VP of Client Success.

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Jason Burian

Vice President, Product Management


Jason is responsible for developing KnowledgeLake’s product vision and strategy, enabling us to bring highly differentiated and elegantly designed solutions to our customers. He manages the complete Product Lifecycle which includes research, design, requirements, execution, enablement, and launch. Jason delivers on KnowledgeLake’s top priority of understanding our customers and what challenges we can help them solve.


Mark Oman

Vice President, Sales


Mark is responsible for clearly articulating challenges and developing solutions with our customers. He brings extensive experience in delivering Enterprise Content Management solutions and effective sales leadership. Mark is a trustworthy and engaged sales leader, with broad technology solutions experience at EMC Corporation, Captiva Software Corporation, and Box.

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Pat King

Executive Administrator


Pat is responsible for providing administrative support to the CEO and senior-level management while liaising with Board members. She manages the complex day-to-day operations of KnowledgeLake and oversees the administrative staff. Pat is an experienced, organized administrator and ensures that KnowledgeLake operates smoothly. 

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Kevin Herr

Chief Operating Officer


Kevin is responsible for KnowledgeLake’s day-to-day operations. He ensures cross-functional collaboration in order to successfully deliver solutions to our customers. Kevin is an enthusiastic and passionate business leader of technology companies, having developed SaaS businesses in the healthcare, media, security, and learning management industries.