KnowledgeLake = Transactional Content Management

We provide cloud content services that help the world's largest companies manage their most important documents.


We got our start two decades ago, when we set out to make the most-used document management system, Microsoft SharePoint, better at processing transactional content. We figured business functions like Finance, HR, and Claims should be able to get content in and out of SharePoint just as easily as their colleagues from other departments. And in 2003, we released the first document processing solution built on the SharePoint platform.

Today, we focus on helping our customers win at processing their transactional content in the cloud. That means removing longstanding constraints around data classification and capture, content searchability, and system integration, to name a few. The cloud has given us the capability to address these age-old challenges in a new way not just for our 2 million licensed users on SharePoint, but for organizations using any document management system or content repository.


KnowledgeLake: Four-time Microsoft Partner of the Year

Since its beginning in 1999, Knowledgelake has been a trusted Microsoft partner. Learn more about our partnership.


Our leadership team carries decades of experience driving growth and profitability while staying focused on solving real problems for real people.


Ron Cameron

Chief Executive Officer


Throughout his 30-year career, Ron has been known as a serial entrepreneur and an avid student of leadership; discovering early on that the secret to making a successful business is hiring amazing people and then providing a culture that challenges them to grow and prosper.

In 2001 when Ron and his business partner Bob Bueltmann launched a new company called KnowledgeLake with the sole focus of being the first mover to bring ECM functionality to the Microsoft SharePoint platform.


Bob Fresneda

Chief Revenue Officer


Bob joined our team with an admiration and love for what KnowledgeLake brings to our customers and employees. After establishing and running other companies in our market since 2000, Bob was asked by Ron to run the sales and marketing expansion. His focus following the re-acquisition is to assist KnowledgeLake to become the premier SaaS ECM platform provider in the emerging cloud market.

Bob enjoys traveling the world visiting customers and partners, and currently serves as advisor and board member for a start up in Germany. In his personal life he enjoys boating on lakes, exercising, traveling and spending time with his home and work families. Bob often says ‘life is good’ and tries to share that message with as many people as possible every day.


Robin Heisler

Chief Financial Officer


Robin has been with KnowledgeLake for over a decade, most recently as Vice President of Accounting and Finance before her advancement as CFO. She develops internal controls and operational processes to amplify productivity, while coordinating audits and providing guidance to ensure policy and procedure compliance.

Robin oversees the busy team that executes KnowledgeLake’s back office functions, focusing on financial reporting and forecasting, financial analysis and consolidation functions.


Brad Porter

Chief Technology Officer


Brad is an industry veteran with over 12 years of experience in designing and building enterprise content management software. He is responsible for setting and maintaining the technical culture at KnowledgeLake. He has a passion for engineering execution, including continuous improvement of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).
Brad is responsible for identifying disruptive technology that can be used to gain market advantages while delivering innovative software that clients and partners love. He translates complex technical constructs into enterprise-wide knowledge and understanding, and facilitates activities that build an organizational culture of learning and innovation.


Jason Burian

Vice President, Product Management


As the Vice President of Product Management, Jason is responsible for the product vision and strategy that allows KnowledgeLake to bring valuable, highly differentiated and elegantly designed solutions to market. He manages the complete Product Lifecycle which includes research, design, requirements, execution, enablement and launch.

Jason and his team deliver on KnowledgeLake’s top priority of understanding our customers and what business challenges we can help them solve. He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelors in Computer Management Information Systems, and has been an employee of KnowledgeLake for over 13 years. 


Christy Gary

Vice President, Professional Services


Christy has been in the ECM/TCM industry for over 22 years. She has background as a customer of KnowledgeLake and as an ECM Administrator for over 12 years.

In 2008, she joined the KnowledgeLake team in our Professional Services and has served as a Developer Consultant, Solution Architect, Project Manager, Director and now VP of the Professional Services. The PS team designs and implements the entire KnowledgeLake suite of products and provides additional services for health checks, migrations and managed services.