CenterPointe Church Office 365 Document Storage Case Study

CenterPointe Church Solution Case Study

Community Church uses KnowledgeLake and Microsoft Office 365 to Streamline Back Office Operations

CenterPointe Church is a non-denominational church that has served the community of Collinsville, Illinois for over a decade. The church came to KnowledgeLake seeking a better way to keep their focus on their mission, rather than their back office operations.


Founded in 2001, CenterPointe Church (CPC) has undergone a lot of changes since then, including a merger with another church and multiple name changes. Throughout their growth, CPC has utilized technology to continue to move their ministry forward, especially to attract new, younger members. However, that passion for technology didn’t always transfer to the back office operations, creating an outdated paper-based system.

In the past few years CPC has made it a priority to finally get their back office up-to-date. Even through employing a new accounting package and church management software, there was still a significant gap that wasn’t being filled for their document management and accounts payable processing needs.

As a non-profit, the church is primarily volunteer-run and has very minimal paid office staff. Unfortunately, that means the paid staff’s hours are usually spent sorting incoming mail and processing invoices. The church’s accounts payable are handled off-site weekly by a bookkeeper.

Over time, CPC accumulated stacks of paper files dating back nearly 15 years. Not only was the paper taking up much needed space, it was preventing the staff from finding documents on a moment’s notice. With accounts payable being handled off-site as well, the need for a better system was clear.

“Our church needs a solution that minimizes the impact to in-office resources while also facilitating the ability of the church bookkeeper to process weekly payables. Ideally, the solution would support the storage of our documents in Office 365 in order to ensure they could be easily located while also ensuring that disaster recovery is also built into the solution.” – Ryan Ballard, Associate Pastor, CenterPointe Church


In order to fulfill their goal of bringing back office operations up-to-date, CPC made an investment in Microsoft Office 365, allowing the church to store documents and facilitate collaboration between staff members in SharePoint Online. Although Office 365 covered most of their needs, the church was still was desiring a better solution for their document management and accounts payable workflows. It was clear that a KnowledgeLake ECM solution would deliver the features they needed to streamline their operations.

“We were already using Office 365 for basic office document storage. It only made sense to standardize on that Cloud-based solution and use KnowledgeLake to provide the missing functionality that we needed to support a structured document management and accounts payable process. KnowledgeLake provides a methodology that is easy to train to high turnover volunteer staff.”

Through the use of KnowledgeLake Capture, CPC’s paid and volunteer staff are able to scan and index all incoming paper documents including invoices, non-profit and tax letters, compliance documents, expense reports, receipts and any other critical paper documents. Documents are then converted to full-text searchable PDF documents and saved to their Office 365, SharePoint Online Document Library.

To handle accounts payable, the CPC bookkeeper uses KnowledgeLake Connect to identify new documents needing processed for payment or needing to be indexed for long-term storage. Other staff members utilize Connect’s features to upload generated reports to their SharePoint Online repository for reliable records management.


By deploying a KnowledgeLake ECM solution with their already existing investment in Office 365, CenterPointe Church has been able to create a reliable document management and accounts payable workflow, bridging the gap that they had been experiencing before.

“The quality of our document archive is no longer at the mercy of different filing strategies that change every time someone else takes over the filing responsibilities. It used to be virtually impossible to find historical documents. With this solution in place, the methodology is not dependent on a specific volunteer. The technology guides the process.”

Efficient, Quality Document Management

Through the KnowledgeLake ECM solution, documents are captured, indexed and stored rapidly with ease. This streamlined process is easy to learn, easy to teach and is a low-pressure task for CPC’s volunteers that scan content as it’s difficult to do incorrectly.

Saves Time and Money

Now that CPC has a digital workflow, the church’s bookkeeper does not need to travel to retrieve paper documents. Office staff are able to scan in documents weekly, allowing the bookkeeper to identify documents needing processed using KnowledgeLake Connect. Not only does this save time for CPC, it saves on fuel costs.

Long-Term, Reliable Discoverability

The KnowledgeLake ECM and Office 365 based document management solution ensures documents are able to be located and retrieved for years to come. Like many small organizations, CPC had an insufficient plan for backing up data and was not abiding to any Information Technology management practices. The KnowledgeLake ECM solution CPC deployed covers all of their bases, allowing them to feel confident that their data will be where it should when they need it.

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