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    BPO Automation Solutions

    Build Your Business with KnowledgeLake's BPO Automation Software

    Automate and accelerate your BPO solutions. Lower operating costs, improve customer results, and quickly start new jobs with the KnowledgeLake Cloud.

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    BPO Automation Software to Grow On

    KnowledgeLake’s intelligent document processing platform supports any type of document and any customer use case. Native to the cloud and powered by machine learning, KnowledgeLake accelerates your operation with less effort from your staff. Help your clients build for the future with a modern, extensible cloud infrastructure that avoids future technology debt.

    $ 250 K Monthly Savings
    $ 3 M Estimated Annual Savings
    11800 Hours Saved Every Month
    60 + Consumer Jobs Running Daily
    74 FTE's Avoided Hiring

    KnowledgeLake is Built for Business Process Optimization

    Automate Any Job

    Bespoke, people-dependent processes and manual data entry lead to errors, inefficiency, and lower profit margins. Our AI handles data input and our RPA automates workflows so your people can focus on the project at hand.

    Simply Powerful, Powerfully Simple

    Get projects up and running in hours with our full suite of no code, low code, and pro code tools. Your clients get fast time to value without overburdening users or hassling IT. 

    Experience Cloud Nirvana

    Deliver solutions on a true modern cloud platform. No servers, databases, or desktop installs to deploy and manage. Focus on running your business. We handle the rest.

    Everything You Need

    Make KnowledgeLake Part of Your Toolkit

    Learn how the KnowledgeLake Cloud can power your business and your customers’ business with intelligent document processing that yields results.