Top 5 SharePoint Conference Sessions to Attend in 2018

Top 5 SharePoint Conferences to Attend in 2018

by KnowledgeLake on Apr 24, 2018

We can help you choose the best SharePoint Conference sessions to attend in May.

The SharePoint Conference is finally back, as SharePoint Conference North America hits Las Vegas in May. Our KnowledgeLake team will be on the ground and ready to rock as a Gold Sponsor and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to showcase the power of our cloud content management platform in SharePoint.

We're anxious to know, will you be attending the conference?


Billed as the premier opportunity to hear experts from Microsoft and around the world share their experiences and knowledge on a variety of topics from cloud services and best practices, to real-world project insights, SPCNA ’18 no doubt offers plenty of session content and round table discussions to keep attendees busy.

But with 150+ SharePoint Conference sessions to choose from, and not enough time to gather those pennies for the slot machines, we did a little bit of homework for you. Here are our top recommendations for must-see sessions with topics tied specifically to SharePoint content management. You can thank us at Booth 409 on the show floor!



#5 - SharePoint Unplugged

This session makes it in at number five on our list, because it is an invaluable opportunity to hear straight from the Microsoft SharePoint product experts themselves. Unscripted and conversational, this session gives you a one-in-a-million (or 25 or 30) opportunity to ask your toughest questions to a panel of experts and get yourself some answers. That’s worth every penny you’d put in a slot machine, isn’t it?

Panel representatives will span the entire spectrum of SharePoint users, from end users and IT pros, to admins and developers. Plus, you’ll have a chance to chat with Adam Harmetz, Navjot Virk, Jeremy Mazner and William Russell about all things SharePoint. Think there should be a slot machine called “SharePoint” in Vegas? We do too. Let’s discuss this at the Tuesday evening SharePint. We’ll be the ones by the pool.



#4 - Learn about Microsoft Content Services (ECM) in Office 365

If enterprise content management (ECM) in the modern content services world is of interest to you, then you’ll hit the jackpot with our fourth pick for the top SharePoint Conference sessions. Presented by Daniel Kogan, this session explains how SharePoint in the cloud offers better performance than classic server-based platforms and explores the latest innovations for reusing, collaborating, creating and protecting information in SharePoint, which offers numerous key ECM capabilities.

The session is billed as perfect for those just starting out using SharePoint as an ECM system, and will offer ways to help you make content management easier and more manageable in SharePoint. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you try the session out. You know…what happens at SPC18, stays and stuff like that…

#3 - Reclaiming SharePoint: How to reel in an overgrown implementation

Got a SharePoint environment overflowing with content? That’s not good. File-based sites can grow out of control like a desert tumbleweed. As more storage space is consumed, it becomes difficult for users to adopt the platform. If you’re ready to understand how and why a governance plan for your SharePoint will insure it doesn’t go under-utilized, and hear about real-world stories of sites that went from hoarders to heaven, you’ll want to attend this session.

You'll leave with best practices and the know-how to engage the important people in your organization to drive change toward a better governance plan. Amen to that.



#2 - Break Down Silos: Automate, Orchestrate, and Optimize Business Processes Across Your Enterprise

Our pals at Nintex are delivering this session and we’ve got our bets that they know business process automation the best. Alexander Burton will present the second of our top five SharePoint Conference sessions, as he dives into how to break down silos in your organization – while building up that knowledge of yours like stack of poker chips!

You may already know that many business processes involve various systems, SaaS solutions and software solutions plus participants. Automating these processes can be an IT headache worse than a Vegas hangover. We’re betting this session offers the ultimate hangover cure as you’ll learn how to design workflows, modern forms and content automation with Nintex’s platform. Aces, baby!

#1 - Six Tips to Perfecting Your SharePoint Game With Structured Content Management

Jackpot! Ding, ding, ding! We know, the odds were in our favor on this one, and our poker face has been revealed. Our final selection for best SharePoint Conference sessions to attend is our own. But before you annul this idea like a spur of the moment Vegas wedding, you might want to consider the prenup.

If you’re ready to return from SPC18 and wow your colleagues with tales of how you’ve mastered the SharePoint game and returned a zillionaire (or the promise of being one), then check out the hottest show at SPC18 when KnowledgeLake Director of Strategic Alliances, Mike Miller, offers six strategies that will help you maximize your organization’s SharePoint investment.

From creating a solid taxonomy, to harnessing the power of metadata, you’ll walk away with enough SharePoint swagger to make you the champion of transforming the way your organization does business. Duh…winning!


We'll teach you the importance of creating a solid taxonomy and information architecture in SharePoint, harnessing the power of metadata, leveraging Office apps for better user adoption, sharing the secrets to successful SharePoint search, designing automated workflows and managing records efficiently.

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