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    SharePoint Online In Office 365 Drives Real Workloads

    Office 365/SharePoint Online opens your business to a world of opportunity. For minimal expense, your organization can safely centralize documents and other content for collaboration, archiving, and managing records. Not to mention all the communication, collaboration, analytics, and other tools available.

    While SharePoint Online has been a valuable addition to the SharePoint family, it needs some enhancements to be a fully functioning ECM platform. With SharePoint Online, uploading a document, searching for files, or automating the processing of a document can take multiple steps. That’s where KnowledgeLake can help.

    How Does KnowledgeLake Help Companies with Office 365/SharePoint Online Adoption?

    Getting you to the cloud.

    We have 20 years of experience building Enterprise Content Management solutions. We have the strategies, methodologies, and experience to migrate your business-critical content, taxonomy, and processes to the cloud.

    Saving documents to SharePoint.

    KnowledgeLake makes it much easier to upload to and tag content in SharePoint Online from Microsoft Outlook/Office, scanners, and your line of business applications. Users no longer need to understand SharePoint, its structure, or where to manually place files.

    Finding what you need, easily.

    KnowledgeLake boosts the search capabilities of SharePoint, allowing you to search for documents in a much more targeted way. We provide a best-in-class experience for sorting, refining, and filtering results so you can quickly find the documents you need.

    Putting content to work.

    We can assist with the full life-cycle of the document, automating the tagging, processing, archiving, destruction of documents.

    If you're unsure of your first step in adopting Office 365 or SharePoint Online, contact us. Our experts can advise you on your best path to the Microsoft Cloud.

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