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    3 Technology Trends to Watch Out For at AIIM Conference 2020

    The 2020 AIIM Conference is fast approaching. As the leading organization for information management industry resources, AIIM hosts one of the most valuable conferences in our industry every year. At the conference, information management professionals gather to learn how to solve their organization’s biggest information-driven challenges through informative breakout sessions and industry networking.

    At a time when organizations have more content to manage than ever before, the learning opportunities for organizations at the AIIM Conference are more valuable than ever. The time for digital transformation around information management is here. Organizations that don’t embark on new strategies to drive the digital transformation of their information management risk falling behind their competitors. So, what are the key trends we can expect to see at the conference this year, and what does that mean for organizations? Keep watching for the top three.

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    1. The cloud. Everyone knows about the benefits of the cloud by now. But as with any newer technology, there are still some organizations that have qualms about adoption despite knowing that the cloud is where the industry is headed. They may have misgivings about storing sensitive data in the public cloud or the cost and effort associated with migration. It will be important for skeptical attendees to gather information about the cloud and how it pertains to their specific organization so they can confidently make a well-informed decision about their cloud strategy later.

    2. Artificial intelligence. Although it is still an emerging technology in the industry, experts at Microsoft have made it clear that it will soon be a key part of any organization’s information management strategy. Despite all the hype, many are still confused as to why AI is relevant to their organization’s information management strategy or even how it can help them.

    Conference attendees can expect to hear a lot about AI during the week: What AI actually is, what business processes it can and can’t be applied to, and some real-world strategies for implementation. Industry professionals can expect to emerge with a clearer understanding of what AI is and how they can leverage this exciting technology to further advance their organization’s digital transformation.

    3. Robotic process automation. Most of those in the industry are probably more comfortable with the concept of RPA than AI. Nevertheless, it is still an emerging technology whose projects still have an unfortunately high rate of failure. For this reason, some may be understandingly hesitant to implement it in their organization’s information management strategy.

    When it comes to RPA, attendees will most likely have many questions for experts about best practices and industry- and vertical-specific use cases to gain a better understanding of how to best implement it. Although the rewards of a successful implementation are great, automating business processes in these early days of RPA can be risky business for organizations. Industry professionals will surely want as much expert guidance as they can get before diving in.

    As always, it is important for attendees, and even the industry professionals who won’t be attending the AIIM Conference, to have a solid understanding of key industry trends and a strategy for how their organization will tackle them. Because, whether organizations are ready for it or not, the digital transformation wave is here.

    For more resources around digital transformation trends like the cloud, AI, and RPA, follow us on social, or explore our other resources on the blog. We’ll see you at AIIM!

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