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    Simplify Compliance
    from the Start

    Lock down critical documents, improve information governance, and eliminate audit and regulatory headaches with intelligent document processing. Gain total control of every document the moment you receive it.

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    Banks and Credit Unions Rely on KnowledgeLake


    Stay in Compliance with Confidence and Peace of Mind

    Gathering and keeping track of documents to satisfy regulatory and internal compliance policies is a never-ending process. Requesting, receiving, processing, filing, storing and securely retrieving documents on-demand is time-consuming, error prone and expensive… especially if you do it wrong.

    In today’s complex regulatory environment, banks are spending upwards of 15% of their total annual budget on compliance-related tasks. Factor in potential fines, and the damage with getting it wrong can skyrocket a bank’s costs.


    Keep Your Essential Documents in Order

    KnowledgeLake’s bank compliance software, driven by intelligent document processing, helps get your house in order when it comes to all things document management.

    With KnowledgeLake, you can request and process customer documents in a clear, consistent and demonstrably compliant fashion so you can safely interact with customers while keeping the auditors and regulators at bay.

    Tame Document Chaos and Gain Control

    Better governance starts with better document collection and management. KnowledgeLake captures and digitizes every document, then classifies, categorizes and stores them for easy search and retrieval.

    Simplify KYC / KYB Compliance Checks

    Build Know Your Customer / Know Your Business (KYC/KYB) checks right into your document processing and application screens to keep bad actors out of your system and reduce the opportunity for fraud.

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    Reduce Risk and Simplify Your Governance Strategy

    With automation, you can embed best practices into your financial infrastructure to institutionalize compliant behavior and eliminate the risk of human error.

    • Intelligently capture and securely manage documents from the moment they enter the organization

    • Automatically categorize, index and tag every document

    • Centralize document storage and secure access 

    • Easy document search and retrieval speeds the time and reduces the effort needed to effectively respond to audits  

    • Know where every document is at any given time

    • Make documents available on-demand as needed

    • Reduce costs and errors from manual data entry

    Bank Compliance Software That Keeps You Ahead of Audits

    KnowledgeLake’s IDP-based bank compliance software helps you keep your documentation in line so that when auditors come calling, you are ready with everything you need.

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    Simplify Compliance with KnowledgeLake

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