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    Close More Loans Faster with Automated Loan Processing

    Streamline residential and commercial loan origination with intelligent document processing from KnowledgeLake.

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    Banks and Credit Unions Rely on KnowledgeLake

    Close More Loans Faster

    Get closer to straight-through loan processing with intelligent capture-to-close workflow. Syncs with your existing loan origination software for faster processing, helping you generate more and better loans.

    Boost Team Productivity & Satisfaction

    Empower teams to manage processes, not paper. Smart automation frees your employees from repetitive data entry that eats up time and causes headaches.

    Transform Customer Experience

    Delight customers and employees with 24/7 visibility into loan status and next steps. Replace non-compliant “back and forth” email chains with a platform for secure information sharing.

    KnowledgeLake eliminates the operational friction from constantly re-keying data, searching for lost documents and navigating complex compliance requirements.

    Automate Your Loan Processes for Maximum Efficiency

    End the tedious loop of manually collecting, reviewing and managing loan documents. KnowledgeLake automates and simplifies your entire loan document management process from document intake to closing. We take the critical information that’s trapped inside your documents and send it where it needs to go, empowering your teams to make decisions and move loans forward faster.

    Here’s How Your Loan Processes Can Work

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    Close Loans Faster with Automated Loan Processing from KnowledgeLake

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    • Easy for teams to learn and use
    • Integrates with core banking systems
    • Simplifies regulatory compliance
    • Cloud-native solution supports workers anywhere