Data2 Boosts ROI with AP Solution

Accounts Payable Automation for Microsoft SharePoint

Gain precise control of your AP business processes and cash flow with paperless end-to-end automation while experiencing rapid ROI
Manual or paper-intensive invoice processing is expensive and costs your business heavily in staff productivity and efficiency, contributes to errors such as late payments, double payments, lost invoices and more while compromising your ability to optimize cash flow strategies. The KnowledgeLake Accounts Payable Solution framework, powered by Microsoft SharePoint, enables organizations to quickly reduce processing costs, improve operational productivity and achieve rapid ROI.

Increase savings on cost and productivity

With accounts payable automation using SharePoint, your organization can significantly reduce the direct costs of invoice processing and eliminate hidden costs associated with storing, searching and finding paper documents. Increase employee productivity by automating repeatable tasks at every stage of the accounts payable process, while reducing risks and human errors. The KnowledgeLake Accounts Payable Solution is competitively priced and offers an attractive opportunity for enterprises looking to maximize their ROI from their SharePoint deployment.

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Streamline operations and improve productivity leveraging AP Automation

KnowledgeLake’s Accounts Payable Solution can be easily configured to fit existing AP workflow processes without disrupting an enterprise’s unique business processes. AP departments can easily scan and release hundreds of thousands of standard and non-standard documents, regardless of paper size, weight and color, directly into SharePoint. AP Automation enables you to scan and route invoices into your accounting software speeding up invoice approvals and reducing processing time. Your AP staff will have immediate access to all workflow tasks and documents to help them make informed decisions and provide better customer service, inside and outside the organization.
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See real-time metrics and optimize cash flow strategies

CFOs and decision makers are able to leverage real-time metrics to better understand liabilities associated with invoice processing and optimize cash flow plans to take advantage of favorable terms and discounts. KnowledgeLake SharePoint Accounts Payable Solutions are equipped with tight document control capabilities, so financial departments can enhance compliance with company procedures, policies and regulations.
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Integrates with your accounting ERP system

The SharePoint accounts payable solution integrates with many ERP software platforms, including but not limited to:, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Sage, Lawson, JD Edwards and Oracle. The accounting integration facilitates immediate access to all financial documents without navigating away from the ERP system. Organizations save money on ERP licenses since document approver licenses are not needed within SharePoint.
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Not only has the velocity of items routing through our workflow processes improved by at least 48 hours, the elimination of duplicate data entry has greatly increased the accuracy of our posting process. KnowledgeLake definitely met our objectives of deploying a more efficient AP workflow solution that is tightly integrated with our ERP system.
Michael Borgna