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You Are What You Wear

It seems like every other day someone I know gets a FitBit. Google Glass has been out for a while now and with Apple releasing its Watch soon, it appears as if we are truly entering the age of wearable technology.

It’s All About ME!

You heard me. This post is all about ME! Managing Expectations, that is.

Have you ever delivered every requirement on a project – on-time and on-budget, and yet the client was not 100% satisfied? Somehow you missed the boat on an unspoken concept in their head? It can be deflating.

Have you ever done some work against your own advice for the client, or had some delays/cost overages, and yet when delivered there is absolute elation from the client? It can leave you scratching your head. Well, I’ve had both experiences.

Using SharePoint for Legal Document Processes

SharePoint does a lot.

As Jeff Bennion quotes in his article for Above the Law, “it’s not a program, it’s a whole experience and you can’t understand what SharePoint is until you experience it yourself.” While that may sound a little grandiose, SharePoint is a multifunctional tool that can be used by individuals in all industries.

Frog Protection - When Agreement Isn’t Agreement

The muse for this blog is a commercial I’ve seen on TV, where a customer calls in to ask for "Frog Protection", and the sales rep agrees that they do in-fact offer "Fraud Protection". The two go back and forth and agree at the end of the call. Yet, are they really agreeing? [check out the video here]

Change the way you manage Human Resources with Microsoft SharePoint and KnowledgeLake

What are the Challenges?

Similar to other critical functions of any business, Human Resources (HR) Departments are being continually challenged to increase their business impact with fewer and fewer resources.  In parallel, HR departments are being required to meet increased State and Federal regulatory measures.  Historically these regulations call for not only an increase in the amount of HR records that are stored and retrievable, but improvements in key areas such as disaster recovery, records security and employee transaction management. 


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