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Unlocking the Value of ECM with Workflow – Part 4 – The Workflow Platform

In our last post we looked at the workflow processes themselves. But what about the overall platform’s capabilities support the complexities of our business processes? We’ll look at this in detail in this post. This is not intended to be a buyer’s guide, comparing and contrasting specific products. Rather we’ll look at some different capabilities that come up when trying to find the tool for the solution.

I’ve heard the expression before:

“If the only tool you own is hammer, then everything looks like a nail.”

KnowledgeLake Imaging Puts Users in the Fast Lane with Release of HTML 5 Viewer

We felt the need, the ‘need for speed’, and it has arrived with the release of KnowledgeLake Imaging 4.7. This impactful update includes the first version of our new HTML 5 Viewer that is 200% faster!  To improve the client experience, we’ve made this viewer more robust and lightning fast!

Unlocking the Value of ECM with Workflow – Part 3: Post-Process v Pre-Process

When a document is stored in the ECM system, it has tremendous implications for business impact.  If a document enters the system after it has been routed around the organization already, it will initiate workflows that are quite different from the types of processing that would be required if a document is brought into the ECM system as soon as it has been received or authored.

In case you missed Part 1 and Part 2, be sure to check them out here:

Searching for Utopia in Enterprise Content Management

I couldn’t be more thrilled to join KnowledgeLake just twelve days before we jump into two of the biggest Microsoft events we attend each year.  The Microsoft SharePoint Conference has a special place in my heart as it was item number four on a statement of work of mine for the SharePoint team way back in 2005.  I am so proud to have been a part of this event’s inception, and to have produced it for Microsoft until we handed it over to Dynamic Events.

Your Ungoverned Information is Putting Your Business at Risk

Are you trying to make sense of the information chaos within your organization? Are you seeking ways you can minimize risk and costs while optimizing the value of your content across your enterprise? We all know that the ability to efficiently and effectively govern the information lifecycle of all records throughout the enterprise is critical. Just managing the growth and variety of content and its locations alone is a complex process that can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

It Is Time to Combat The Chaos and Get Organized


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