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Change the way you manage Human Resources with Microsoft SharePoint and KnowledgeLake

What are the Challenges?

Similar to other critical functions of any business, Human Resources (HR) Departments are being continually challenged to increase their business impact with fewer and fewer resources.  In parallel, HR departments are being required to meet increased State and Federal regulatory measures.  Historically these regulations call for not only an increase in the amount of HR records that are stored and retrievable, but improvements in key areas such as disaster recovery, records security and employee transaction management. 

SharePoint and the Cloud – So Many Answers But What Are the Questions?

There are seemingly countless features and capabilities of the SharePoint platform, Office 365 and the Cloud.  How are you sure you’ll develop the right framework for your organization?  Will these new options affect the functionality of third-party add-ons that have been key to the success of most SharePoint ECM (Enterprise Content Management) implementations?

There’s a Digital Transformation Afoot - Will you Lead it?

At the AIIM Conference 2014 in April, they introduced the concept of Information Chaos – the idea that everywhere, every time information is overloading our senses (and our businesses).

At AIIM 2015, they’ll expand on Information Chaos, while continuing to give you the knowledge you need to embrace and overcome the chaos. It’s simplistic to say that the world is undergoing a digital transformation. It’s not simple to do.

What’s the Right Scanner for my SharePoint Scan Needs?

We are often asked at Tradeshows “So you guys sell scanners, which one should I use?” Well the answer is yes and no, we offer scanners with our implementations and we can sell them to you, but we don’t manufacture them. The next question is “Do you only work with these scanners?” The answer to that, definitely not, KnowledgeLake Capture and scanning solutions work with all industry standard scanners that use TWAIN or ISIS drivers.


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