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What’s the Right Scanner for my SharePoint Scan Needs?

We are often asked at Tradeshows “So you guys sell scanners, which one should I use?” Well the answer is yes and no, we offer scanners with our implementations and we can sell them to you, but we don’t manufacture them. The next question is “Do you only work with these scanners?” The answer to that, definitely not, KnowledgeLake Capture and scanning solutions work with all industry standard scanners that use TWAIN or ISIS drivers.

AIIM SharePoint Blogs and Papers - A Lot of Great Resources

I don't usually blog about a blog, but I think this is worth sharing. AIIM, the Association for Information and Image Management, has been in the ECM business before Enterprise Content Management was even an acronym. Over the life of this organization it has become one of the leading authorities on Document Management, Document Imaging, BPM, Workflow, Forms, basically anything document centric. Since the introduction of SharePoint they have put more and more focus around the platform.

KnowledgeLake Imaging 4.7 RegEx Behavior

KnowledgeLake recently release version 4.7 of our flagship Imaging Server for SharePoint 2010 and 2013. The most notable new feature is the addition of our new zero footprint HTML 5 Viewer which is 200% faster than our previous viewer technologies. 

In addition to the HTML 5 viewer there is a new little golden nugget added to the KnowledgeLake Content Type Column Behaviors functionality, Use Regular Expressions.


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